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Think 'Couch to 5K' but for the Treadmill. Beginner running to 5K, then 10K.

Guided treadmill workouts & running challenges. Suitable for all runners, all you need is a treadmill.

Run your way with workouts you need to meet your personal fitness target. New to running or the treadmill? Begin with our Starter Plan. Looking to run to lose weight? We have a running weight loss plan, perfect for you! Or try our treadmill Couch to 5K alternative. If you've been running a while, there are 10K runner programs (similar to Couch to 10K).

Start from just 2 days a week with interval running to improve your fitness with simple approachable routines. Everything is tracked to keep you motivated. Plans are built to help your body adapt and challenge itself while minimising risk of injury or burn out. Get off the couch and start running for weight loss or just health and fitness! Try out our running trainer today!

Treadmill Workout Features

Guided programs: Choose a plan based on your level and goal. If you run indoors on a treadmill, you can use all of the routines, from beginner weight loss plans to HIIT advanced workouts. There is no other running app like this!

Track your activity: Make sure you keep on growing with the treadmill workout progress tracking. Record your calories, heart rate and distance so you can watch your growth and running ability to improve over time.

Audio coach: Guided cues and support to play your own music in the background.

Log your workouts: With the ability to repeat your favorites. We'll record your progress so you can gradually improve from walking to a 10k runner. Your treadmill won't know what hit it!

Train safely: Supplement your workouts with recommended exercises. Warm up and cool down effectively and build full body strength with additional core exercises.

Running Workouts

- Intro To Running

- Zero To 5K (Our very own couch to 5k alternative)

- 5K Runner

- Running To Lose Weight

- Speed Builder: Interval Running

- 5K to 10K - Already running 5K? This routine will have you running 10K in just 8 weeks (Our very own couch to 10k alternative).

- More treadmill routines coming soon.

Running Challenges

- Walk + Run: Alternate treadmill walking and running.

- Glutes

- Pyramid

- Hills

- Sprints

- Speed

- Speed Intervals

- Power

Legal Disclaimer

This running app and any information given by it are for educational purposes only. They are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program. Find the full terms and conditions at, and our privacy policy at



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