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Welcome to Ant Kingdom!

There are over 10,000 species of ants in the world, and this story begins with a small ant. With the first rays of the morning sun, a busy day for the ant family begins!

In nature, war happens often for survival. Here, you are the Commander of the ant colony, use your wisdom to build the ant nest, lead the queen, strengthen the ant colony and fight foreign enemies.

- Build Ants Nest

An ant nest can be called a "castle", it provides a safe growing environment for eggs and ants. Nest planning is an important strategy for developing the ant kingdom. You need to build ant nests underground, dig tunnels for ants scientifically to create your ideal ant kingdom!

- Nurturing the Ants

The number of ant colonies represents the rise and fall of an ant family. To grow and glory for the ant kingdom, you must increase the number of ants as much as possible, lead them against enemies, compete for resources and expand your forces!

- The Mutant Ant

To compete for resources and expand your power, you must form a strong team of ants, and in a strong team, in addition to many high-level soldier ants, you also need a team of mutant ants — Specialization Ants. By incubating heterogeneous Eggs, you can obtain powerful Specialized Ants. With the cooperation of soldier ants and Specialization ants, your team of ants will rush to destroy all enemies!

- Forming an Alliance

The path of fighting alone will be more and more dangerous, choosing like-minded people is choosing success. Form or join an alliance, help each other with alliance members, grow together and destroy enemies! With the help of the alliance, the ant kingdom under your command is sure to take a place at the top of this ant world!

Ant Kingdom provides real-time online customer service to create a whole new service experience for you!

No matter what problems you face, you can contact us through the following channels and we will provide guidance as soon as possible:

Official FB:

Official homepage:

Official Discord:

Official email:

Attention please!

Ant Kingdom is a free-to-play strategy game, but there are still some in-game items that you can get and use for a fee. According to the terms of use and privacy policy, you need to be over 18 years old to experience Ant Kingdom. Also, your device must be connected to the Internet.



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