Review Yahoo Mail – Organized Email 7.6.2

Mod APK Features:

  • Full Version.

  • Donated.

  • Updating...

  • No ads.

  • Unlock Pro.

  • Unlock Premium.

  • Unlock VIP.

  • Unlocked features.

  • Paid.

  • Fixed.

  • Delete Logo.

Yahoo! Mail organizes Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AT&T and Yahoo mail in one place.

Yahoo Mail is a free application that allows you to manage multiple accounts and organize your email efficiently. -- Add multiple email accounts and organize your emails in one place.

- Eliminate annoying spam emails by clicking unsubscribe quickly. - the net design of user and easy to use.

- Free to use or have a payroll for higher plan. Thank you for discovering Yahoo Mail, the best email app to manage your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T and Yahoo mailboxes. Whether you want an uncomplicated mailbox, more customization, different ideas for gifts and add-ons, or even more security, we've got you covered. Favorite features: 

Use any email address 

Clear the rest of your inbox. Add a Gmail, Outlook or AOL account and keep everything in one place. Custom settings, colors and levels make it easy to differentiate your account.


Go ahead and unsubscribe from spam and junk mail that you don't want to see in your inbox. Yahoo mail displays all the advertisements you sign up on the same screen and make it a tape.

See the way today 

Water or shine, you are doing what is happening. Find weather and news right from your messaging app.

Integrative thinking 

Are you looking for this book from this person? Or a photo from brunch three Sundays ago? Don't panic, it's right here. See all your photos and attachments in one view.


Your inbox, your vibe. Customize the bottom navigation bar with the storage and ideas that matter most to you. Then choose customized sounds, surrounds, swipe to add your own flavor and clear your inbox. Travel overview 

A stress-free journey. This view keeps all your flight information in one organized place. Smart updates, from door changes to delays and cancellations, will appear directly in the app, so once you're logged in, you can check waaaaaaay.

The idea of ​​buying 

You don't need countless confirmation emails to find these funds. This view organizes your inbox around your favorite stores and types of purchases. Now you get all the shopping fun, without the hassle. The opinion of the people 

See only emails from your favorite people. Ignore the bots. Sound + display 

Choose from multiple levels, custom sound levels, and visual settings to get the reminders you want. And there is none that you do not have. Availability 

Features advanced themes, powerful text formatting, and best use with VoiceOver screen readers. Additionally, the folders below the inbox allow assistive technology users to navigate with less effort. 1000 GB of storage 

You can't see your whole world without a chance to travel. Download the app and you won't have to delete the reminder to access your message again. Yahoo Mail Plus 

Get ad-free email, integrated settings and privacy features and 24/7 technical support on your Android mobile device.

+ As an in-app purchase at $1.99 per month 

+ Subscriptions will renew monthly or annually within 24 hours of your renewal date 

+ Manage or cancel your subscription through account settings 

Terms of Service: 

Privacy Policy: 

Note: This app includes Nielsen's measurement software that will allow you to participate in market research, such as Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information. You can also go to app settings to disable Nielsen ratings.



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