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TimeBlocks is a mobile planner that enables smart time management through a simple and easy interface.

[Detailed function]

● Intuitive schedule management, Calendar

• Easy to use like a paper diary through intuitive drag and drop.

• The screen magnifies by the number of schedules, so you can see the schedules at a glance like a calendar.

● Don't Forget, To Dos

• Manage your little tasks on the To-Do list.

• Unfinished tasks are carried over to the next day to help you remember.

● New Challenges, Habits

• Manage new habits in the Habits list.

• You can find your habit logs in the Habit Mini Calendar.

● Whenever possible, Memo

• If there's a plan that you can't schedule right now, keep it in a Memo and plan it later.

• You can sort memos by month to establish general plans.

● Themes, stickers and wallpapers to decorate

• You can decorate the diary on the app. The TimeBlocks in-app store offers colors, stickers, masking tape (date background), themes and fonts for you to decorate your own calendar.

• You can find decorative items by unique artists and design companies that are working with TimeBlocks.

Anniversary Day

• You manage birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, etc.

• It supports both solar and lunar calendars.

●Along with other services, Connect

• Have you used another calendar before? You can easily connect it through the Connect service.

• It can link to Google, Apple, Naver calendar, Google Keep and Apple Reminders.

● For faster use, various utilities

• You can access various functions in TimeBlocks through widgets.

• It provides various widgets including monthly calendar, weekly calendar, today's list, habit list, to-do list, etc.

● Group schedule for friends, family, loved ones

• You can share your group schedule with friends, family and loved ones.

• You can specify different access levels of the participants and receive real-time alerts in case of changes.

● What to do today? Recommend event

• Weekend, after work, after school… what do you do after your busy schedule?

• TimeBlocks recommends different events based on user interest to spend a good time.

• You can add suggested events to Calendar or save them in Memo.

● What did I do today? More information of the day

• You can check various past activity logs along with the schedule.

• You can link to your current photo app to find photos taken that day along with the schedule.

● Better time management with TimeBlocks Premium

TimeBlocks Premium provides powerful functions for better time management.

Improve your productivity with a 1-month free trial.

• Interval markers

• To-dos in Calendar

• Habits in the calendar

• Countdown days

• Remove the ads

• Auto Sync

• Alert settings

• Search throughout time

• Complete % of to-dos

• Attachments

• Color Labels

• Schedule memos

• Memo alert

• Support for all connections

• Bonus

• Discounts on training

● Permission to use the application and purpose

• Alarms: Schedule alarms and push alarms

• Calendar: Used to import calendars from preset calendars.

• Contact: Used for attendees in the schedule.

• Location: Location information in the schedule or weather information of the current location in the calendar.

• Photo: Photo in More Info of the day.

• Biometrics: Used for biometric login.

• Camera: Profile photo for the account.

●Terms of Use


●Privacy Policy


●Customer Support

• Developer: TimeBlocks, Inc.

• E-mail:



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