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Fantasy AI Art Maker - AI helps you create the art of your dreams just by entering text prompts. You can choose an AI Art model between Anime diffuse and stable diffuse, AI Art will be created soon. Feel the power of AI Art now!

Heavy update has been rolled out:
【AI represents you exclusively】
👩 AI virtual avatar online. After uploading your photo, AI will train a unique model based on the uploaded photo to create your exclusive AI avatar. Profile AI is the most popular AI art in the world. You don't want to try it?
All you need to do is upload multiple profile pictures of yourself. Fantasy AI Avatar will create hundreds of avatars for you, covering dozens of styles, scenes, and poses.

【Create up to 1000 photos at once】
⌛Online mass production function, support for more models, create 1000 photos at the same time, create them on a dedicated server and realize your ideas in the shortest time.

🖌️ How to start creating Art Ai? 🎨🎨🎨
1. Use words to describe what you want to create, no matter what. Enter words. Such as "undiscovered animal" "panda in mechanical armor". AI will create AI artwork.
2. Choose the model created by AI Art, you can choose one between stable, fantasy and anime.
3. Choose an AI Art style. Examples of different styles for AI art. Intuitively see the effect through the image. Must satisfy you with artistic dream.
4. Click the CREATE button at the bottom of the screen, then watch the AI artist use the power of AI to turn your words into works of art.
5. NEW FUNCTION, Restore Portrait and Adjust Size. Help you create more delicate paintings.

🖌️ What are the salient features of our products?
【More art models in one app】
Provides three Art models for you to create works of your own style, different from other apps that only have styles you can choose to create. Spread anime to create anime style art. Stable diffusion to create specific realistic AI Art. You can choose what you like!

【Image reconstruction depending on your photo or another photo】
New part coming now! Besides AI Art maker, you can use your own photo, couple photo or your pet photo to create artwork. Just like tt or dream, have fun with this function. You can try different types of photos. Wonder how magic you will create! Alternatively, you can choose the style you want to create. AI helps you turn photos into works of art in a different style. We will continue to develop interesting AI functionality for you, let AI be your assistant.
【AI-generated art plus portrait restoration and pixel adjustment】

We now offer more size options. You can produce clearer and higher quality images. In addition, we have access to portrait restoration function, you can try it now, which will help you to create better images, automatically correct details, make your work better. becomes easier and easier.

【Inspiration to create AI works of art】
Add new gallery gallery, you can see more beautiful and creative pictures. You can use direct photo prompts. Not only that, we provide tips for you to optimize your reminders, keeping you away from strange pictures.
As well as stable diffusion, mid-cruise and dalle 2. Fantasy is easy to use, even if you haven't been taught to draw systematically. Imagine a screen in your head, describe it in text, then enter the text into Fantasy. AI will turn your thoughts into AI works of art. You can try very inspiration. Also you can try "Open AI Generator" "Alien Disco Diffuser" "Deep Dream". You will get AI Art now.

【Personal Library Exhibition】
Add a personal gallery, you can see all the historical production photos, don't worry about not saving the image.

【Using fantasy AI artworks】
After creating the artwork, you can display it on your social media, decorate it on daily necessities for sale and use as a lock screen or wallpaper. The value scalability possibilities are endless. Let's start exploring!

AI Art Generator & AI Avatar is popular all over the world, you can catch it by trying it now!



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