Review Youtube Premium Mod APK v17.46.45 (Full VIP)

Youtube Premium Mod:

  • Block Ads.
  • Listen to music off the screen.
  • Miniature window.
  • Video Shorts feature.
  • Play in the background.
  • Log in Go no error.
  • Light and Dark Interface.

YouTube has long been one of the largest video-sharing communities in the world. But unlike TikTok or Bigo, YouTube is like a versatile archive, containing almost all types of videos and genres, unlimited in length and content. Therefore, there is no doubt that this application will become one of the most visited websites/apps in the world.

Enjoy authentic, high-quality music videos

The development of YouTube is divided into two main phases, 2005-2011 and 2011-present. Currently, YouTube is experiencing strong growth and is trusted by many individuals and businesses. Therefore, YouTube has become a powerful advertising development platform, from upcoming brands and products to music trailers/MVs of famous singers and bands.

And until now, YouTube has become the video platform for everyone. You can track the information of your favorite group, make an appointment when the MV is released, search for most songs and MVs in the world.

Go live with fans

Most famous singers and actors have Youtube channels. Sometimes they also organize talk shows to share and interact with fans. Then, you can join the live stream, ask questions and interact with your idols. YouTube has integrated a comment section right next to (or below) the video so you can interact with your idol.

Besides, the Livestream feature also provides a workspace for streamers. Do you know Pewdiepie? A Streamer - a famous youtuber in the world. He still regularly streams games, showcases unique products, and shows off his amazing content creation with the games of his choice. Of course, you can also create channels and Livestreams like him.

content discovery

Today, YouTube is slowly growing and making great strides. New features added, including discovery - where you can find exclusive content selected by the editor or find your favorites like Games, News, Music and Trends.

Besides, YouTube also has 2 new features, Story and Short Video. It is designed quite similar to the Story feature of Facebook and Instagram. You can share your moments here as a social network. However, people can like, dislike, share and add comments publicly as a post.

Video sharing community but strictly controlled

In fact, content that you or any other organization shares on YouTube is moderated. If there is no operating license or copyright infringement/inappropriate content, it will be taken down immediately.

Sometimes, you create a channel and publish your videos. If you're overreported by users, YouTube will also review and send you a reminder, even though you're not in violation of the policy. So be sure of what you are trying to share with people.

Watch offline

When you use the app, YouTube lets you add videos to your library, collection, or favorites. You can also download videos for offline viewing.



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