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Email Aqua Mail is a mail browsing application on mobile phones and tablets. Although not as popular as Outlook, for those who have used it and are familiar with it, Email Aqua Mail offers many reasons to use it for a long time.

In short, Email Aqua Mail helps you aggregate all your emails from different sources into one place. It also provides extensive functionality for browsing, processing, manipulating, editing, composing emails, and many other tasks for all emails. These can be done quickly and neatly with just a touch of a function or a swipe of the screen.

Whether you're using personal mail, a corporate server, or a now-obsolete email account like HotMail, Email Aqua Mail still does its job well.

Why should we have all our emails in one place?

Email is the most popular and powerful online communication tool today. But the modern world is always accompanied by many unpredictable situations.

There are many common mistakes when creating and using email addresses. Sometimes it stems from the negligence of the owner, and sometimes it stems from carelessness in the operation. Let's look at a few situations I've encountered:

Created a mailbox on Yahoo a long time ago and then used a lot of accounts on social networking sites. Suddenly, nobody uses Yahoo anymore, what should I do?

There is a mailbox that has not been used for a long time. But I use this email to store personal information in a bank or hospital. Every time I want to receive a notification from the bank or the hospital, I am helpless because I have forgotten the password of my mailbox.

I use one email for work, another for personal expenses, and another for social media. So what if I have to check three or four mailboxes for new messages at the same time every day?

And 1001 other tragic situations...but you also know how painful it is to get "rejected" for using the wrong password every time you find an old email address. Too bad, right?

So an app that can collect all your emails would be a great solution for you. You no longer have to remember too many usernames and passwords. The application is email Aqua Mail.

What makes the email Aqua Mail stand out?

The first point I have to mention is that it can even collect a lot of email addresses from old sources like Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft need to set up anything complicated. Try remembering the username and password for each mailbox, one more time, and enter. Thus, we magically and systematically provide a common home for all types of mail in all eras.

This email management app also has many flexible features to suit any need. Like editing email drafts with tools for bold, italic, underline, font correction, color, etc... More advanced is the ability to create, delete signatures from outgoing emails, block ads, backup and restore in cloud services... …

Additionally, Email Aqua Mail has a widget that notifies incoming new emails directly on your phone's home screen. It also supports rare apps like launchers and even DashClock, as well as many other popular apps on smartphones and tablets.

The number of email accounts to add to the app is now practically unlimited. You can also use the Smart Folders feature to easily navigate and manage emails by mailbox or specific content.

Also, if you are interested in a server, Email Aqua Mail can also support the process of pushing mail to a server (corporate/corporate email) via Exchange, Office 365, and any mailbox that supports IMAP or POP3.

Email users' top concerns when it comes to security

The biggest concern users have with apps that aggregate email addresses is security and long-term security. Email Aqua Mail ensures you have full control of it by:

Allows access control via password and fingerprint.

Internet network restrictions are set through separate licenses for Wi-Fi and mobile data sources.

Even set up and restore email backups on popular cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.


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