Review Grow Empire: Rome v1.15.1 (Unlimited Money)

Grow Empire Mod APK:

  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Unlimited Gems.

Growing Empire: Rome MOD APK is a game that blends defense gameplay and RPG strategy. In the game, you will go back to Roman times and you will join his mighty army as Caesar to conquer ancient Europe.

The story of the genius emperor

You've heard the name of Caesar for a long time, but it never came up, and you didn't appreciate his demeanor? Now there is a game that lets you become Caesar and lead an invincible Roman army across the battlefields of Europe. Welcome to the world of growing empires: Rome.

Caesar was not satisfied with his modesty and peace, he dreamed of global domination and expansion through the strategy of war, occupying and ruling neighboring countries, and then gradually expanding to other countries throughout Europe. This is the story of the mighty hero of all times and how he guided a weak army of peasants into the most powerful warrior in the world. Such a story appears in Growing Empire: Rome.

The game blends multiple forms of gameplay in a smart way

The game blends traditional tower defense style with strategic role-playing. So, the first thing to say for sure is this: once you play, you'll never get bored. You've been working hard, anywhere, in every way. Players will have to fight not only the savage and powerful armies of Italy, Gallium, Carthage, the Iberian Peninsula, but also many other military powers. You will have to level up and keep building strongholds and surrounding canals to protect your troops from enemy attacks. When you win an army, you may expand your territory and help your inhabitants lead richer, more fulfilling lives.

The design of tower defense gameplay is too obvious. Through a series of actions, you have to do, such as building a fence, constantly building the fence higher and thicker, making it difficult for the enemy to break through, and digging a canal around the city to trap it. Take precautions before they happen, build tall observation fortresses to anticipate dangers, build powerful military bases, and be on call at all times...

To do these things, you need resources. The resources here are points earned in eliminating skirmishers large and small that emerge from the first screen. At the same time, there must be a plan to train elite soldiers who can go to war immediately when needed, because the weak defenses outside cannot stop the enemy. When things start to get more difficult while the pressure is so high, it's also when the in-game strategy is clearly on display.

The need for strategic brains and role-playing elements is already evident during the combat phase with the enemy. When the enemy comes to the kingdom, every soldier has to fight. The large group of soldiers who normally guard the tower now needs to fight immediately. But not sure how long they will last. You must estimate the strength of the enemy (based on the health of each soldier) to arrange troops within a reasonable time, or stop sending troops to fight. Because once the troops are sent out, it means that the defense will be weakened.

One important thing, and the ultimate goal of the leader Caesar, is to conquer and occupy territories. So, after building a strong enough defense, fighting a few battles to get to know the enemy, you will deploy soldiers and special forces to really attack, defeat the enemy and break down the walls, occupy and turn the land into a new territory of the Roman Empire. How to divide your troops, how to strike right, how to strike quickly with minimal resources... these are the questions you have to figure out to show your ability to control your soldiers and your genius strategy.

In-game upgrade mode

In later scenarios, the game will provide you with exciting upgrades, more weapons, and increase the skills of all soldiers. Depending on the role of each group, they will have their own strengths and weaknesses. You'll also unlock special groups of soldiers with the ability to destroy extremely powerful enemies. These friends can be called "strong generals" in each launch, and only appear when all the combat abilities of their own soldiers are neutralized by the enemy.


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