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Coolmi Launcher is a launcher that allows you to easily change the appearance of your device, similar to Redmi MIUI and its interface customization features. You can rearrange the interface of the device you're using and match your preferences to various settings. Additionally, you can update your device with the extensive themes, wallpapers and icon packs that the app supports. Of course, you also cannot ignore the benefits it brings to you.

Cool Mi Launcher - CC Launcher for you Cool Mi Launcher - CC Launcher for you

Change the device interface to something like Redmi MIUI

When you experience Coolmi Launcher, users finally have access to their device's Redmi MIUI interface along with many different settings to help you get a whole new experience. Of course, as a launcher, you can fine-tune the look and feel of your device, such as app icons, arrangement, app size, and many other items you can easily find. You can completely change the interface to your liking and take full advantage of the features the app brings.

Adjust the settings interface in an easy way

There are a lot of things that Kumi Desktop can support, and they usually appear in the settings. You can choose the grid size, icon size, and appearance of the application. Meanwhile, the app supports a drawer feature for folders with four main drawer types. Plus, you can completely change the font you're using and rearrange the apps you're using in A-Z order. After you experience these features, the interface of the device will be incredibly different.

Add a new action to the device

One of the fun things about using the Coolmi Launcher is that you can finally add some touch action to your app. Specifically, there will be a section called Gestures, and when you enter, there will be a list of activities that you can use inside this device. After learning these gestures, you can consider applying them by enabling or disabling the buttons in your preferred gestures. You also need to make sure that these actions don't overlap any activities you've set up earlier.

Number of themes and wallpapers available to users

After covering the many features that help you optimize the appearance of your device with Coolmi Launcher, you'll start to understand what resources it can bring you. You'll be amazed at the number of themes and wallpapers it can bring you. You can find more than 500 interesting topics related to various activities. In addition, you are free to use 1000 wallpapers, and if you use the appropriate type, the app also offers screen rounding to make the most of it.

Supports different icon packs

Once you've used the launcher, you can easily and comfortably adjust the look and feel of your device. In addition to designing the layout of the interface, themes, and images, you should also try changing the app's icon. This will also change your look and feel, and the app can help you with different types of icon packs. Specifically, the app helps you take full advantage of all the icon pack apps available on Google Play and use them comfortably.

Own application support function

Launcher apps always come with some extra features to help get the most out of your Android device. You can set up the notification center to update new messages as they appear or to clean up some junk files that appear every time you use your device. At the same time, the app offers several solutions to make the most of your battery life, and the app security features are also solid features to protect your privacy.


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