Review VPN Proxy Master v2.2.2 (VIP)

VPN Proxy Master Mod APK:

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  • Full Version.
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VPN Proxy Master has a wide range of VPN servers in different countries where you can connect. You can easily select a server in a number of ways, from manual selection to automatic selection of the fastest available server. At the same time, the application also provides a certain degree of security when users surf the Internet and use the public network, and there are indeed many servers that can meet users' entertainment needs.

Overcome obstacles when connecting to the Internet

VPN Proxy Master solves problems related to internet usage such as slow speeds, connection barriers, insecure cyberspace, and more. Users can achieve the main function of the app, which is to break certain barriers when connecting to any website. So, with just a few taps, these obstacles go away.

Make it easy to connect

One of the interesting things when you experience VPN Proxy Master is that the connection interface is easy to use and you can easily access the list of servers you can use. The app offers many different servers that you can choose freely and connect instantly. At the same time, the user knows that the connection is complete and the icon of the application has been wearing a helmet that represents safety.

Unlimited number of servers with fast speeds

One noteworthy and appreciated point about VPN apps like VPN Proxy Master is finding many different servers. Specifically, you can find servers with other characteristics and countries. Users have to connect to the country they want and bypass some firewalls for websites that require country-specific IPs.

Automatic Smart Server Selection

Apart from manual selection in VPN Proxy Master, you can undoubtedly find factors that help you choose the right server. You can find two tabs of the app: All Locations and Recommendations, and each tab serves a different purpose. At the same time, you can also find smart location, this feature will help you find the server with the highest connection speed you are currently using, you only need to wait a few seconds to see the investigation process.

You can test the connection speed if needed

One of the useful features of the app is a speed test, which can help you understand the parameters of the server you are using. You will know if the current server status is secure and what the connection and download speeds are. Also, since users use VPN apps and provided servers, you need to be concerned about the latency of each loading or uploading of the desired content.

Protect yourself from dangers on the internet

Useful features that you can find when using a VPN app are secured in different ways. When connecting to public networks like wifi, you will feel safe because your IP is also hidden. At the same time, when you don't know what's in this space, it's also a handy thing to hide your IP when browsing different websites. So, with this app, you can surf the web with confidence.

Recommended servers for your entertainment needs

One thing to pay attention to when using the app is that you can easily access different servers, and the developer understands the user's entertainment needs. The developers provide you with many different servers to watch impressive shows on Netflix, Youtube and many other entertainment platforms. At the same time, lag is minimized, allowing users to enjoy their favorite games.

The app offers many useful VPN features that users cannot ignore:

  • Users will access various server lists from different countries and quickly grasp the functionality of the application.
  • You can choose a server in several ways: you can refer to the recommended tab or use the smart location to find the fastest server currently.
  • There are many types of servers, and users can bypass obstacles and view server-related parameters.
  • After receiving the helmet for the app icon, the user is fully protected and can surf the web and use the public network safely.
  • Different servers will help you optimize your entertainment needs, such as watching movies on the platform or gaming experience with less lag.


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