Review Greeting Photo Editor v4.7.4 (Paid)

Greeting Photo Mod APK:

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Perfect for creating good wishes or designing impressive photo frames to send to friends. Greetings photo editor is eager to give you a new look and it is this app that gives you more experience. The app will provide you with many different functions and your experience will be great. A spiritual gift, but the real value to you is how the app builds an image.

Search by keyword

The app provides you with a number of different functions that you can also choose to suit your needs. Users will choose from many different search types, but the most distinctive is the impressive keyword search. Related keywords are also provided, which you can choose according to your requirements.

Provides a range of related photo frames

After you do a keyword search, the app will provide you with relevant photo frames. This different frame makes an impression on the user, and you will see it very clearly. These photo frames will be randomly arranged, you can choose your favorite or favorite photo frame according to your requirements.

Featured Editing Tools

The app gives you specific tools so that you can edit impressive frames. Users may find these tools necessary, for example to help you crop a photo frame or create other special frames. Interestingly, these cropping tools don't take up much space when used.

Change the frame layout

The app allows you to custom change the layout of the frame to suit every standard you want. The app will also provide unique layout styles that you can simply apply to your own frames. Depending on your target length and size, you will choose the most logical layout type.

Added new image

The app allows you to add new images to photo frames or invitation cards. The app always allows you to upload these images and then crop them to better meet your criteria. Also, the player needs to make the most logical connection between the frame and the accompanying image.

Add more 3D effects

The app offers 3D effects as well as impressive GIFs to add to pre-made photo frames. The added content creates its own intent for the recipient and also creates a better impression. Players can customize the position and size of these effects to make your frames and cards more unique and impressive.

new and unique font

Unusual fonts will always generate your own interest too, and you'll see the variety that fonts bring. You'll use your favorite font to decorate the card; your frame becomes even more complete. The app also adds new fonts and new fonts all the time to give you more unique features in the app.

Share easily and quickly

The app helps you send greeting cards and photo frames with meaningful messages to your friends. Very fast shipping and retains the original originality. Also, recipients will be able to open it in many different ways without losing its uniqueness.

use your talents

The app will help you record impressions by keeping photo frames, messages and even designed cards. This preservation is for you to remember those days and to create great memories for you. Archives are always where everything you create is stored.

fresh news

The app also gives you a range of accurate suggestions for meaningful messages to choose from. Adding a massage will add meaning and make your gift even more unique. The messages are very diverse, and according to each topic, you can choose accordingly so that it can advance its main abilities.

some features

  • As soon as you provide a keyword, the app will immediately provide you with a collection of keyword-related photo frames.
  • It gives you a variety of your favorite editing tools and can choose them to refresh the frame.
  • Add new valuable information or create meaningful wishes to send to loved ones.
  • Add your own photos or create your own animations to make the frame more meaningful.
  • Feature decorations will also be available in enough ways that you can create a unique impression on the card itself.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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