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Gradient: AI Photo Editor APK is yet another AI app that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and recreate many different styles of faces. It's kind of fun to morph into a new version, which is pretty cool. Let's try it out.

AI editing photos

AI is increasingly being developed by a range of modern technologies and machines. As a result, the ability to apply AI to all aspects of life is also more diverse. At the breakthrough level, there's the invention of self-driving cars, advanced robots... and at the tiny level, there's a range of mobile apps that integrate artificial intelligence to create other shapes and faces. At this level, artificial intelligence serves high entertainment, bringing light moments. A good example is Gradient: Artificial Intelligence Photo Editor app.

Speaking of gradients: AI Photo Editor, there is probably only one word: all-in-one. It's a smart photo editor, a great makeup tool, and a magic wand that helps you quickly change the look of different styles. What all these functions have in common is that they all rely on artificial intelligence to operate. The result is so natural, without losing the uniqueness of individual characteristics. Each function only takes a few seconds at most to produce great results.

A new look for familiar faces

Getting used to seeing your pretty face, have you ever wondered what that face will look like when it enters a different world? Be a beautiful elves, scary orcs, or cute cartoon characters? Just select the Dream Beauty feature and experience this magical avatar instantly. Three little features in Fantasy Beauty are equivalent to three different mask styles, taking you from surprise to surprise by discovering new angles of yourself.

Take a look at the results and you will be surprised. And I promise that once you see it, you might want to take it out and show it to your friends on social media to see how everyone reacts, the fun will be doubled.

The Smartest Android Beauty Toolkit

There are no ugly people, only people who don't know how to make themselves beautiful. Gradients: The AI ​​photo editor will help users edit their selfies as proactively and smoothly as possible with an AI-integrated beauty toolset. Here, if you wish, you can manually edit as needed or select an automatic beautification mode to let the app beautify your face and body.

If you are not satisfied, you can also do better with various beauty tools in the app, such as: make a V-chin, remove freckles, remove crow's feet, add hair, make shiny eyes, whiten skin, whiten teeth. You can also slightly interfere with the body shape, such as lengthening the legs, slimming, breast enhancement, to make the body more attractive and sexy.

Few apps have not only AI face-swapping entertainment, but also such a beauty and image editing suite. In addition, it is very rich in small functions. That's why I call it Gradient: AI Photo Editor all-in-one photo editing app.

Professional photo editing capabilities no less than any high-end photo editor

This app won't let any bad photos stay in your memory. Because just by using the professional photo editing toolset on the app, you can turn a boring photo into a super awesome photo. There are hundreds of different effects and filters and basic to advanced photo editing steps such as crop, rotate, change aspect ratio, adjust contrast, brighten/darken, adjust shadows, and more. You'll find a variety of photo editing tools in this compact and comprehensive feature set.

If you don't want to do a lot of editing, you can use AI-powered automatic photo corrections. With just this action, the entire photo is automatically edited based on the results of the AI's deep learning process. You'll get a finished product that consistently achieves above-average satisfaction. Before going into detail editing, you can try this automatic function. The photo that pops up might be what you've been waiting for.


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