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You know, almost everything can now be done on a mobile device without complicated technology or software. Such as singing karaoke or creating MVs, recording, sharing vocals. All you need to prepare is to download an application called WeSing APK to your phone.

WeSing is a free karaoke app with no ads. Not only can you sing karaoke, you can also create your own MV, record your voice and share these fun and high-quality singing files on many different social networks. Everything you want to do with your heavenly voice can be done with WeSing.

What song do you want to sing karaoke?

You know, if you can't find a song to sing karaoke, it can be boring. Therefore, a high-quality karaoke application must first have a huge music store. WeSing does this well. WeSing's massive free music store covers all forms and styles of music, bringing together many famous musicians and singers from all over the world. It includes timeless songs, legendary songs, and a selection of popular songs currently on all music channels. Whatever type of music you like, you can find it in the app.

And with a music store of this size, the smart search function in WeSing must also be worth mentioning. You just need to find your favorite music from a few words from name, author, artist or lyrics. This seasoned search function can be helpful for forgetful music fans who sometimes only remember a few words of an entire song.

Even after a few searches, the next time WeSing can automatically export playlists of the same artist, genre or period. When you suddenly don't know what to look for, you can choose from this suggestion.

MV self-made function

In WeSing, you can record your karaoke songs into music files in various formats. Not only that, but you can create your MV by combining newly recorded vocals with filters, multiple sound effects, and combining stills or videos from your device to make a complete music video.

Sing with your idols and friends

Have you ever wanted to duet with idols or celebrities? WeSing has this feature. Follow your idol's WeSing account, join as soon as there is a live broadcast, maybe you can sing duet with your idol. It's like a dream, isn't it?

Also, you can sing duets and trios with friends. No matter where you are, just turn on WeSing and the whole team can put on a great show together.

When using this duet mode, no matter who you're singing with, the lyrics will appear on everyone's screen (in a different place). Everyone's words are distinguished by color like in traditional karaoke. You will be graded after singing to see who contributed better. There's also a party room mode that lets you gather a lot of friends to sing karaoke with you. This number is very large, unlike only two in duet mode. Open an Internet cafe, use this function, and be beaming!

Sing karaoke offline, do you think it's possible?

WeSing can completely help you do the incredible: sing karaoke even offline. In my opinion, this feature is very practical and useful. Let's say you're hanging out with friends, having a picnic somewhere outside, or camping deep in the forest. No wifi at all. By then, offline karaoke apps like WeSing will help the group spend an unforgettable night.

Some people sing for fun, for their passion. But other large numbers have more needs. Just like creating your recordings or creating your music videos. WeSing features professional-quality recording and editing capabilities, as well as modern studio-standard customization tools. You can record your voice in a karaoke song and then edit it for more reverb, warmth, or better mix it with the original song. The output will be a complete recording with different formats that can be saved to your device immediately or shared with friends on social networks.

If recording vocals isn't enough, try making a music video. WeSing has a video recording function. You can combine this video with the audio recording you just recorded to make an MV. After the MV is produced, it can be edited through a series of editing tools attached to complete the finished product. This powerful toolkit includes custom colors, adding effects, transitions, blurring frames... your short MVs are now professional. Save and share on social networks!

And if you don't want to edit a lot of complicated stuff, WeSing also offers a Livestream feature for the owner's top performances. You'll live stream your karaoke songs on major social networks and interact directly with your audience from your phone's screen. Now you are like a real singer.


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