Review Motion Ninja v3.0.0 (Pro)

Motion Ninja Mod APK:

  • All Pro Features Unlocked.
  • 2k/4k Export Unlocked.
  • Useless items Removed.
  • CPUs: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a.
  • Full Multi Languages.
  • Google billing Disabled.
  • All debug Info Removed.
  • .

Motion Ninja is a video editor, but its standout ability is to animate everything in your videos, bringing them to life. Of course, this is powered by AI, which promises users the most incredible possibilities to design a video that is unique by average standards. Furthermore, its customization provides users with greater flexibility, bypassing many mobile restrictions, making them even more superior.

Fun keyframing and multi-layer editing

When users first encounter Motion Ninja, they are exposed to many new concepts of mobile editing, namely keyframing and multi-layering. They are seen as a tool that allows users to edit everything on each clip and insert more in different ways. Building on this, users can unlock new possibilities for video editing and maximize each tool for optimal performance.

Multiple layers have unique capabilities that help users alter the visual quality of a scene or an entire clip, making it more refined. Each layer will contain visual changes such as effects, filters, stickers, etc., including hand-drawn or physical changes to the frame. Going through this feature will greatly improve image quality and allow users to correct some details for smoother video.

Chroma Key for Blockbuster Videos

In addition to the aforementioned superior features, the app allows users to take advantage of the green screen's ability to make Hollywood-like blockbusters. Of course, each tool needs a lot of tweaking and optimization to make everything more realistic and vivid, but they're all AI-driven and save hours of work. Some special moments also allow users to incorporate goals into the environment, making the surroundings more unique.

The green screen effect is also suitable for changing the background or important scenes, and the application can completely design a perfect video for the user. In addition, the app offers many valuable resources for building environments or creating thrilling moments. Some special content will also be free for users to use effectively at many key moments in the video shoot.

Extensive tools for quick editing

In addition to its excellent features for creating impressive videos, Motion Ninja has a versatile and remarkable toolkit, even powered by AI for absolute precision. These tools not only interact with images or effects, but also help users deal with redundancy or cobble together a lot of content. This includes inserting small images or videos directly into larger clips, creating new feats for video.

Amazing transitions and unique effects

Motion Ninja's visual effects system is top-notch as it always provides users with the necessary content and high-quality effects. They are also highly refined and effective, giving users more creativity to create stunning and engaging videos and impress. The app will introduce more transition effects and is perfect for videos with continuous transitions to clearly show the main content.

The versatility of the Motion Ninja promises to allow players to create bolder and better ideas, including the most impressive achievements. It will also provide more new and interesting things, giving users more new experiences when designing videos like a professional videographer.

main feature

  • Video editor with multiple layers, especially suitable for anime music video editing or fan editing of popular video stars.
  • Custom keyframe video maker and animation editor with many features.
  • Includes visual effects and color correction.
  • Smooth slow motion is a technique that uses optical flow interpolation to generate a twixtor or time freeze effect on the screen. Smooth your slomo videos like a pro with this tool.
  • Effects like Motion Blur, Glow, and more are highly customizable.
  • AE Video Editor for Android is a video editing app that allows you to edit videos on your Android device.
  • More shapes let you easily build fan edit videos.
  • Chroma key and green screen are two techniques used in filmmaking.
  • AI Background Eraser can be easily fanned in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Easily create 3D text with this tool.
  • Over 50 innovative transitions can be easily included with just one click! Choose from a variety of styles such as 3D, Shake, and more.
  • Create your own speed curve or graph.
  • At least 1080p and 4K output are supported.

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