Review ESET Mobile v7.3.15.0 (Premium)

ESET Mobile Mod APK:

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ESET Mobile MOD APK is an app that protects your phone from malware, viruses and thousands of other dangerous things floating around the internet.

No more insecurities. Now, mobile users always have many applications to protect their devices while participating in the internet connection.

online safety

The main function of ESET Mobile is to provide security for all the tasks you perform online. With high security, ESET Mobile can download all your files, images, videos, audio files, shopping apps, online payment apps or manage your bank account without worrying about security. This security is ensured both during download and during use.

ESET Mobile's network security principle is to check websites, scan the network or public Wi-Fi in use, and find security holes. Then proceed to filter and remove phishing sites using the ESET malware database. ESET Mobile can also review and test each app's security process so you don't miss a chance.

ESET Mobile also helps users proactively combat theft. Just download this app and run it, even if your phone is stolen or lost, you can find your phone by locating where the device was last seen. This feature works even when the battery is low. In the worst case, ESET Mobile will help lock the phone and take a snapshot if any suspicious behavior is detected.

Not only is it safe to surf the web (to track down dangers), and to take immediate action if your phone is lost, ESET Mobile can also help you remotely wipe data and lock apps to ensure that even in the worst case, sensitive information still doesn't get into someone else's hand. Or in other cases, when sharing information with anyone via your phone, you can be sure that everything is complete and belongs only to you, without worrying about unnecessary intrusions.

Additionally, with ESET Mobile, you can filter calls to list phone numbers to block, including specific and unknown numbers. You can quickly block any calls (especially from ones you don't want to contact), potentially unsafe sources, or spam phone numbers for advertising purposes.

Speaking of ads, we must also mention one small but beneficial feature of ESET Mobile. It is able to detect adware and then automatically remove apps that display ads.

Avast Antivirus is an application that helps protect your phone from viruses and malware.

Direct protection and erasure with flexible custom modes

ESET Mobile helps you protect 5 devices at once (paid for one set), and all 5 devices are linked to one Google account. Whenever a major security hole is found in an app or the app has too many potential dangers, ESET Mobile will help you track it down and eventually remove it directly. It ensures an absolutely clean environment for your device.

You can actively customize the scan schedule of ESET Mobile. Like every time the battery is charged or once a week or every time a new app is installed on the device, it scans regularly. Choose the scan mode that suits you according to your work habits and sensitivity.

Periodic security reports sent from ESET Mobile can also be customized. With these reports, you can quickly understand the security of your device. You can always see how many malicious apps have been removed, how many apps may be blacklisted, or which apps are good for long-term use. Everything is on this list.

USB carry on the go

ESET Mobile also integrates modern USB On-The-Go functionality. This feature will help you to check the security of any USB connected device plugged into the device. Know that threats come not only from things floating around the web, but also from hardware.


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