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Send Anywhere is an application that creates file sharing links between different types of devices, sharing in a few simple steps. Multiple types of files can be logically shared and organized after the user presses the application's send button. At the same time, users also need to be careful when sharing certain types of files, and can create links to share files with others.

Easily share files to other devices

If you're having trouble sharing files between different devices, Send Anywhere is a suitable option that players can't ignore. It will allow you to share many different files completely quickly and let you use the file as soon as the sharing is complete. At the same time, sharing can also be done quickly in a few simple steps.

Simple sharing that anyone can do

If you want to use Send Anywhere to share files between different devices, you should download the appropriate apps and software on those platforms. The app has Android, IOS and PC versions that you can easily find. Once the download is complete, you will use the device to press the send button to select the file to share, and after a few seconds the user will find a QR code or six numbers. You need to enter or have the receiving device scan this QR code.

Send your desired files to different platforms

One thing any gamer will realize when using Send Anywhere is that fetching files is incredibly fast no matter what platform you're on. Each platform often has different sharing methods, and sharing methods also have certain limitations. In the past someone used cloud platforms to handle cross-platform sharing, now the process is faster because you can share any file you want.

There are so many kinds of things you can share

When you click the Send Anywhere button, you will see an interface appear, this is where your files are categorized. You can use the search function to search for the specific file you want or use the application's keywords. Because of these keywords, files of the same type will be filtered out, and you can find multiple file types such as photos, audio, videos, contacts, and many others that you explore.

Considerations when sharing files

When you share files through an application, you need to be aware of a number of factors associated with each file type. If you are using an APK file and want to share it, you need to pay attention to the device receiving the file, as you definitely cannot transfer the APK file to the OS platform. You may also run into copyright issues when sharing such files, and for video files, sometimes you won't find the file you receive and need to use the moderation feature to find it.

Easily manage history

The files you share through the app are stored in the History tab, which you can easily find. At the same time, this storage sometimes benefits users when they don't need to spend any more time sharing files, and they can use the app's platform and download it whenever they want. In addition, file sharing is possible via a link and helps you to download at any time.

Use the link to get any file

Some files can easily be pushed to the app's platform, and then you can always grab the link to use. This feature is similar to a cloud platform where you can backup some important files, in particular, you can also share this link with others. They can download files you want to send quickly and declare useful features in a single app.

Users will be able to share their desired files to different platforms:

  • Platforms with different file sharing features and methods can easily send and receive files with simple operations.
  • Users will find a list of files by file type on their device, and a code will appear when selected.
  • When you share certain types of files, you are aware of a few caveats, as sharing certain files can be problematic.
  • The app provides you with a shared history where you can easily search and redownload files you previously had.
  • In addition to the main method, users can also share files to the app's cloud platform and send links to other users.


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