Review Tasty Town v1.17.37 (Unlimited Coins, Diamonds)

Tasty Town Mod APK:

  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Diamonds.
  • Patched.

Tasty Town is the perfect combination of city management and cooking and many other factors, bringing people a new experience. In addition, they will have the opportunity to watch, cook and enjoy the chef's good times while gradually expanding into a thriving town. As time goes on, more new content will be opened, players can create countless more differences and enjoy a luxurious life while discovering novelties in the world's cuisine.

Begin the arduous journey of a professional chef

The beginning of becoming a professional chef in Tasty Town is daunting, but there is also a lot of valuable experience to gain or practice. They will have to go through countless layers of high-paced cooking, while at the same time having to serve customers the requested dishes in the shortest possible time. Depending on the type of restaurant or culinary culture studied, the speed and method of cooking will vary, promising to bring endless richness and refreshment to everyone.

Start building a fantastic town for chefs

In addition to being a professional chef, players can also build and expand towns and start businesses for chefs. However, they need to start creating platforms where chefs can trade or showcase their skills, contributing to the city's overall revenue. In the future, players can upgrade and expand the restaurant, add many new elements, and create more interesting conditions for the prosperity and prosperity of the town.

Grow the farm and provide the chef with all the necessities

In addition to developing the main city, the biggest benefit is breeding and raising livestock, which provide a wealth of valuable resources for the chefs in the game of Tasty Town. Farm development can be done automatically, and players can establish transportation routes throughout the town. This facilitates the safe transportation of all cooking ingredients, helps save necessary ingredients or the specific value of things consumed or purchased from outside.

Unlock new recipes for various cuisines in the restaurant

Collecting new recipes is essential if players want to increase their income or improve the quality of their dishes. Recipes are only shown as rewards for successful players through multiple challenges or meeting criteria while running the chain. They can upgrade recipes over time, help increase revenue per store, and open up new potential for businesses to exploit.

Decorate each restaurant with a personal theme

While each store in Tasty Town is dedicated to a specific culinary culture, players can decorate every detail and change their theme. The decoration system is also complex but full of relaxation, the value or quality of the furniture is so rich, there is always something new in the decoration. Players can also decorate their home with different themes or furniture, discovering how great or useful the furniture or item is.

Upgrade your private dining room with better cooking performance

After taking care of the chain's existing restaurants, players can upgrade their individual restaurants with many new things. This greatly increases cooking efficiency, allowing everyone to have a moment of relaxation when the speed or value of their food increases dramatically. The upgrade process also changes many other factors in the restaurant, but it's entirely up to the player to identify and touch them.

Tasty Town is an innovative game that uses familiar cooking genre elements and city management elements to create a state-of-the-art experience. Players can also choose to manage a chain of restaurants or enjoy the daunting challenge of serving many high-quality dishes on their own.

some features

  • The perfect combination of gameplay allows players to enjoy extreme fun cooking and relaxing while managing a town for newly hired chefs around the world.
  • Embark on a grueling journey to become a professional chef and serve refined and satisfying food to all customers, no matter how they are cooked.
  • Build a thriving town for chefs and manage all your restaurants with exotic and creative strategies that help 24/7 automatic prosperity.
  • Decorate everything with beautiful visuals and themes to change the mood or color to boost the overall revenue of individual stores or satisfy customers.
  • Upgrade your private dining room with unique features and functions to improve cooking efficiency and food quality to serve customers better and faster than ever.


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