Review VLLO v7.9.6(Premium Unlocked)


  • Premium Unlocked.
  • Details All advanced features and filters of the Premium version have been unlocked. You just need to download this app via the link below this article and install it, you can use all features for free.

If you want to turn boring videos into works of art, VLLO MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is one of the best video editors for you.

Although it is only an app designed for mobile platforms, it brings the same professional functions as the software on the PC side. Freshly shot and unmodified raw video can quickly become a unique work of art when you can intervene in every frame. In general, there are very few apps that can do this.

Let's add a blue background to the grey sky. Add stickers to cover unwanted objects. Make your videos stand out and cute with animations from various themes.

Powerful toolkit

VLLO provides a powerful set of tools that allow you to use magic in your videos. Highlight areas, adjust contrast, or blur objects to make the video look less natural.

First, you need to import the video from your device's internal memory into the app. Then select Edit and the complete kit will appear at the bottom of the screen. If the video is too long, cut it. If an area or video is darkened, the colors displayed are inaccurate, or the contrast is not high enough to get the message across, use Adjustments to make adjustments. The detail design of this tool can be fine-tuned and can be moved 200 degrees, from minus 100 to 100. Not many editing apps do this when they don't care that little details destroy the editor's entire energy and time?

Not only that, there is another highlight in VLLO that you might like, and that is the copy function. You can copy frames or any video and insert it into the original file. It's easy to create Gifs or infinite repeating effects. The copy function also allows editing the length and inserting at any desired position.

In addition, KineMaster is also a very good Android video editing application.

Not only for photo editors, filters are also very useful when you can apply them to the entire video.

Do you want your entire video to be retro or classic? Want it to add a sandy effect like shots created in the 1970s? Changing your art style is easier and faster than ever with the filters provided by VLLO. You just select the desired theme as they can be applied to the entire video. But when you see how the green lawn changes with the seasons, you want to make it even more special, divide the video into four clips, apply the four filters of spring, summer, autumn and winter. After that, when the filter is about to finish, gradually adjust the opacity increase.

If you've never used filters before, check out the video tutorial that vimosoft added to the app's home page. Maybe, they will help you discover something new!


A lot of unwanted objects appear in a frame. Blur it instead of using stickers because it looks bad and loses the natural beauty of the video.

In the Mosaic function, you need to position the object, then you can choose to blur for a traditional blur or use Pixellate to create a pixelated mess.

This app is very professional

Not just for entertainment, VLLO can also be an app that lets you create a sub for your video or movie.

There are hundreds of fonts and stickers in the store. I can find a topic I want to create a sub topic for my favorite pancake tutorial video and quickly post it to my YouTube channel. I can also insert background music to spice up the video and give my viewers a sense of relaxation with fun animated stickers.

Features of the Premium Edition

VLLO is a free application and it also only provides free features. But for those who have high post-production needs and aspire to be a professional, don't miss these features. They're available in-store for $6.62 and include mosaics, advanced subtitles, advanced background music, advanced sound effects, advanced transitions, a full filter adjustment toolkit, stickers, stickers, automatic recent text formatting, and text styles Perchar to make Vlogs .

Also, in order not to affect the user experience, annoying ads have been removed.

Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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