Review VIMAGE v3.3.0.0 (Pro)


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  • Unlimited use of different layers
  • Unlocked all Pro effects
  • Store and export images in HD quality.

Bring your still photos to life with VIMAGE MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), a photography app that helps create animated pictures. Please download this application from the link below the article.

What is VIMAGE?

VIMAGE – Cinemagragh Animator & Live Photo Editor is a photo editing app that helps you create animated pictures. In addition to this, the app also uses Cinemagragh, a trend that is very popular among young people today. VIMAGE was released on July 28, 2018 by the publisher of the same name. Since its launch, the app has been highly rated on Google Play and named the best app of 2018.


Let's talk about cinemagragh in VIMAGE. When using image editing software, many publishers will tell you that their app supports cinemagragh. So, what is cinemagragh? How does it work?

First you need to distinguish the difference between classic animation and cinemagragh animation. Classic animations, also known as GIFs, are pictures that consist of continuous motion. As for cinemagragh, images will be able to customize motion and no motion areas. This trend has recently become quite popular on social networking sites and is highly rated by people.

In VIMAGE you can completely turn your photos into cinemagragh very easily. The app will provide you with a guide, as well as various editing tools that promise to bring you the perfect cinemagragh.

Some prominent features in VIMAGE

Besides Cinemagragh, VIMAGE provides you with many different functions. You can use these features to make your photos more creative and vivid.


When editing background images with this feature, you will have two different tools, Adjust and Rotate. For the adjustment tool, you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation of the image according to the needs of the editing. And the rotate function will help you to rotate the image in different directions, such as up, down, right, left.


This feature will give you many effects to add to your photos. Some of the effects that users frequently use are glitter, confetti, paraglider.


This function will allow you to perform movement in the image. Some of the motion elements you can use in the Flow feature include:

Line: This tool lets you draw a line and the movement will start to follow. All you need to do is create an arrow and slide it down to where you want to add motion.

Freeze: With this tool, you can freeze objects in an image if they are on a motion path that you have drawn with lines.

Delete: If you make a mistake with the above two tools, you can delete it through the "Delete" option on the toolbar.

Speed: You can use this function to reverse time and speed up or slow down the movement.


Currently, this is the latest APK mod version. If you see that the developer has updated to a newer version. Please leave a comment admin will update as soon as possible!

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