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Students, professors, scientists and others are taking notes all the time. Even ordinary people jot down information such as bills, budgets, numbers, addresses, etc. at home. However, thanks to digitization, more and more people today carry smartphones instead of laptops. So it's clear that apps like Easy Notes have been in increasing demand over the past few years. Who wouldn't want to download this app when it allows users to easily take notes?

simple notes mod apk

Since we can carry our phones with us almost everywhere, this is a very smart app. It's the perfect companion for today's teachers, students, workers and just about anyone. Here you can enjoy a clean and customizable interface where you can change the background color. Here you can also add images, graphics, change font style, size, and more. You can also pin important notes at the top of the page, set reminders, meetings, and more!

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Back then, people used to take notes everywhere to store important information. While teachers, investigators, students and ordinary citizens still take notes today, they now use apps to do so. These apps are more convenient to use because they don't take up more space than a physical notebook. And since most people today have smartphones that they can carry around with them, it makes sense to have an app that can take notes. With this, you can enjoy the first-class application Easy Notes!

This app is published by QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes, it's a neat app! Basically, it allows anyone to take notes with their phone, offering unparalleled convenience. Plus, you can add tons of stickers, graphics, emojis, and even reminders to your notes! Pin your most important notes to the top, and you can even stick your notes on your home screen.

Also, you can draw and paint in this app! You can use many types of pencils and brushes to create notes. Then you can sort them and share them today!

Features of Easy Notes

Whether you want to jot something down quickly or take notes in class, you can now use Easy Notes!

The Best Convenience - Many people today own a smartphone that allows them to do a lot of things at once. With this, they can download an app to play games, communicate with others and browse the internet. However, if you are looking for an app to take notes, Easy Notes is the best! This app allows users to easily take notes using their mobile phones. With this, they can have a convenient way to store information.

Easy Notes Pro APK

Here you have free access to a large collection of clear notes that you can access anytime. Each pad can contain any text, headings and elements you want to place, and you can even place reminders! There are also lists that are great for to-do lists, shopping lists, and any other notes you want to include. Users can also freely change the background color, find notes by name, share them, and more.

Clear notes and change colors - this app functions like a physical notepad. The only difference is that this is more convenient and you don't need to waste physical stuff to use it. You have access to every scratchpad where you can freely add notes. Then you can also change the background color of each pad so you can organize and sort them easily. Not only that, but you can highlight, change font, size, and more!

Enjoy tons of font styles for every type of note you want to store. This app is perfect for teachers, students, workers and others!

Simple note module apk download

Add images, stickers and audio - besides text, you can add any type of image in this app. This allows you to easily visualize things whether or not you are taking notes in class. Then you also have access to tons of stickers to make your notes even more beautiful. Best of all, you can also add audio to your notes! Whether you want to add music or audio notes, it's easy to add here.

Drawing - Another fun feature of Easy Notes is the ability you can draw and paint! Now access many different colored pens and enjoy creating illustrations and paintings.

Pin Notes, Lists and Share - You can also pin important notes, add lists and share your notes! The app automatically saves all your notes online.


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