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Battery testing and monitoring will help maintain the longevity of technical equipment, especially smartphones. Anyone who uses technology knows these tricks, but some users may not. Even if they know how to follow general principles, they may not know how to do it. Therefore, it is a wise choice to look for a dedicated app like Battery HD Pro APK to check, monitor health and battery life.

Battery management for Android phones!

Battery HD Pro is a mobile phone battery test application. This application will display all the very detailed parameters related to the battery of the phone you are using, such as battery percentage, current, temperature, battery usage graphs... These parameters will help you to make reasonable adjustments to make the process of using your phone easier longer, more effective.

Just an app that shows the battery percentage, so what's so special about this app?

Indeed, if it's just showing the remaining battery life in the phone, it's better to see it on the device's usable screen. But in this app, it's more than just showing the battery.

First, Battery HD Pro not only shows the percentage of battery life remaining in the device, but also the apps that are "consuming" the most battery. For example, if you're using your device to listen to music, watch movies, play video games, check email, work online, and chat, you'll know which apps drain your device's battery the fastest. If you're in a situation where you need to conserve battery power, this insight will help you decide exactly which batteries to turn off and which to keep on until you get home and find a charger.

Battery HD Pro also displays usage graphs corresponding to tasks used during the day. This graph is both statistically meaningful and helps you visualize battery consumption by activity on your phone by usage time. If the above battery drain information helps you turn off optimal app retention, using a graph will give you a better idea of ​​how much battery is being used at each time of day. There are times when you use a lot of battery power, such as during midday breaks at work: surfing the web, listening to music, and texting friends. From there, you can better reflect your work schedule and activities on your phone.

Notify remaining battery

In many cases, you need to know how much battery life is left to complete a particular task. Battery HD Pro will help you with this not-so-simple calculation. Just by checking the app's notifications, you'll know how much time you have left to listen to music, watch videos, make phone calls, browse the web, play games, read books, GPS navigation... if your phone is overloaded with multiple tasks at once. Closing all unnecessary apps and leaving only the right things to do will help save more battery life and you'll be more focused on your tasks.

Voice notification function

Battery HD Pro also has a very unique feature: the app can make a voice notification when the charger is plugged in or unplugged. If you've been in a situation where you've been plugged in to charge the battery all day until you can't see any, and have to run away quickly while waiting for a lot of work. What's more frustrating. Now, if you have a Battery HD Pro available, it will notify you if it's charging, and even if you remove the battery, there will be a voice notification.

That said, instead of looking through the screen for the little icon in the corner, you can still make sure you're charging the battery. This feature is very beneficial for those who are busy with office work or who often forget first and then forget and don't check the battery charge very often (like I have here).

Stunning interface brings fresh colors to your phone

Battery HD Pro also deserves credit for its refined interface. Black background, white text, and important information sections are brightly colored. For example, a picture of a large battery is used to display the percentage of power, some of which are still colored, and the part that is used up is transparent, as if it has shrunk, and it looks very vivid. Also, you can freely choose from many different color themes. The re-customization will change the overall tone of the large display and the font of the app when displayed on the phone. It also helps bring a new breeze to your smartphone.


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