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If you think of your internet environment as a big river, then a VPN app will be a solid, secure boat that will take you anywhere without restrictions, speed limits and obstacles.

But to choose the right VPN service, you need to consider many factors before finally installing it on your phone: security, commitment to privacy, browsing speed, presence of ads, number of servers, and countries covered Unlimited access to websites and apps.

Surfshark VPN is one of the VPN apps. It offers a virtual connection service that helps you experience all geo-restricted websites and services. It also helps you best protect your device and stay safe while surfing the web.

Unlimited access to all restricted websites and apps

Surfshark VPN is based in the UK and connects to over 3,200 servers in 65 different locations around the world. With so many servers, you can switch to any virtual IP and easily bypass some geographic barriers to the websites you want to access.

Great focus on security and privacy

User security in Surfshark VPN is very high. Talk a little bit about sources. Surfshark VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, an area not controlled by the International Surveillance Alliance Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes. This means that once you are an official VPN Surfshark user, no one can reveal your private content. Everything you do on the Internet is completely safe here. Of all the VPN apps available today, certainly no one can beat VPN Surfshark when it comes to their ability to protect user privacy and information.

Aside from the location advantage, Surfshark VPN itself has IKEv2 protocol and 256-bit encryption built into it. Together, these two technologies create a thick firewall that ensures all your activity on the device is private. The risk of DNS leaks is also completely eliminated, as the app automatically encrypts your IP address. No matter where you use Wi-Fi or the internet anywhere, you are absolutely protected. No one can notice and interfere with the process of using your network connection.

Even for the journaling feature inherent in VPN apps, Surfshark VPN records the user's personal information in encrypted form, including emails, passwords…. And promise not to save IP, session information, browsing history, number of connections, amount of bandwidth used during the entire process of opening and browsing the web with Surfshark VPN. All this recorded information is used for one purpose only: to operate the connection and to ensure the security and privacy of the user.

High-quality antivirus

Surfshark VPN also has a powerful built-in antivirus to keep your device safe from any spyware, malware or websites with hidden code. You are wrapped in the vast and extremely powerful controls of Surfshark VPN.

Improve browsing speed

Browsing with Surfshark VPN will give you faster and more stable speeds. Surfshark VPN maximizes free slots in memory, blocks all dangerous spyware, powerful and fast-spreading viruses in the network environment, and blocks ads very well. All of these tasks make the machine as fast and stable as possible on any network connection.

Lots of great extra features

  • In addition to the main features of browsing the web, unlimited access, and the highest level of security and privacy, Surfshark VPN provides users with many small but beneficial features, including:

  • Connect to Netflix: With this built-in connection, you can access the world's #1 movie site wherever you are.
  • Torrent function: Used to watch some movies that are not available on some online movie sites. This is also a very welcome feature of Surfshark VPN.
  • Kill Switch: When this feature is enabled, Surfshark VPN will automatically close the web browser on your device to keep your traffic private, instantly protecting you from unexpected risks on the internet.
  • Split Tunneling (Traffic Splitting): This feature will help you connect your devices over public and private networks, saving you maximum bandwidth during web browsing.
  • Set up a router to support the Linux platform via OpenVPN.


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