Review Boost for reddit v1.12.4 (Premium)

Boost for reddit Mod APK:

  • Premium Unlocked.
  • VIP Unlocked.
  • Full Version.
  • Full Paid.
  • Features Unlocked.
  • No Ads.

Boost for Reddit Mod Apk: Will improve your browsing experience. Get trending content from the most popular social media news sites

Improve Reddit functionality

  • Smart Material Design UI is highly configurable with multiple theme color combinations
  • Create custom browsing interface for subreddit cards Mini cards Photo gallery compact list or slideshow to swipe between posts
  • In-app media previews: picture gifs, gfycat albums and videos with share and download options
  • Sort posts by content type. Album, GIF text post or link
  • Filter by subreddit author, keyword or title
  • Comments highlighting and navigation options for Threads OP IAmA mine Outstanding Links Search Text Author

Gorgeous home screen widget

  • Moderator tool
  • Plus, and more

You can use Boosts to choose from different views for each subreddit

  • Cards with large pictures
  • Slideshow slides between posts
  • Image gallery to view image-based subreddits
  • Mini cards with thumbnails
  • Supplementary list, many more


  • Boost allows advanced theme customization
  • Base colors include light and dark AMOLED themes
  • Choose any color and up to 70 accent colors from Material Design
  • You can customize font size and color
  • Preset save themes
  • Switch between night and day modes

Even if you change the view type theme or font, you can still read in the same place. You don't need to refresh!


  • Do you want to just watch GIFs or videos? Content filters allow you to hide or show posts based on content. These can be images, videos, text or links.
  • Search subreddit author keywords or titles to filter posts


  • Use color-coded comments for better readability
  • Scroll comments and volume keys
  • Use buttons to navigate between comments
  • To show only top comments, expand or collapse comment threads
  • Instead of clicking the back button, swipe back to the comment

Other great features

  • Support for multiple accounts using OAuth2 authentication
  • Tablet can be used in split screen mode
  • Save data via web-based automatic means

Scroll down to mark post for reading

  • Add images to comments or messages
  • Modify download folding for each file type
  • Download full album and choose picture
  • Before submitting, preview the text format
  • Keep drafts safe for future use
  • Subscribe to subreddits and add to your favorites
  • Click to open sidebar
  • Click to see close-up pictures

Spoiler Support

  • Subreddits and search posts
  • Quick access to saved posts
  • Mootools
  • tag user
  • Friend support
  • Sync posts read by Gold users
  • Sync support



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