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VCUT Pro is a powerful video editing and creation application, for young people playing social networks or those who are new to semi-professional photography. This short and effective video editing application will quickly help you make short clips and show them off with unique and personal effects on social networks.

VCUT Pro is full of materials so you can create your own videos

Before being a different application, VCUT Pro was a practical video editing software with full video editing tools from basic to advanced.

Special Filters are applicable to both original videos and image slideshow videos. The number of filters in VCUT Pro impressed me. Especially these filter colors are very neat and modern, not cheesy or outdated, a rare point in video editors today.

Besides Filters, VCUT Pro also has many different Effects, ensuring to help you beautify your videos quickly and effectively. These Effects apply well on any form of spark video, vlog or slideshow. It includes transition effects, effects on each frame, just one touch can change the style of the whole video. Personally, I really like the Effects feature available in VCUT Pro. Because obviously compared to other video editing software, this set of effects is more in quantity and superior in quality. Each effect is unique and completely different, not like many other applications, the effects are many but similar.

In addition to Filters, Effects, VCUT Pro also has many other interesting video highlighting tools such as: adding text to images, freely editing fonts, colors, adding subtitles to videos, slideshows. If you want to do more basic editing, there are tools to cut, combine, adjust light and dark, and adjust frame rate. With these features alone, you can already do a lot of the basics for your videos.

Unique and diverse dub music

There are a variety of copyrighted music for you to freely integrate into your video, photo slideshow. The music dub feature is available in many editing software, but it's not as deep and quality as VCUT Pro. It is an art in itself to put music into it properly and appropriately. VCUT Pro not only has a rich music collection, but also has specific how-to examples. The music in the application is also very trendy, modern and minimalist, so that anyone can apply it to every video in their different style. Video with music is an art. And in my opinion, this is an easy form to make quality and express the best ego, a simple way that anyone can do, even novice or skilled.

Share videos on social networks

Once you've finished, and created a video work like that, you can quickly share your results on famous social networks, with just one or two taps on the screen. This sharing process is very convenient, there is no limit on duration and quality.


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