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Copy Text On Screen is today's most popular application for extracting text from screens or images in your library. It's a completely free app that works, has low downloads and is simple to use, so it's suitable for any customer who needs it. Over 1 million downloads in the short launch time, as well as positive feedback from tens of thousands of customers, is a testament to the app's effectiveness.

Any text is valid

You can use our app to extract and copy any type of text that appears on your phone's screen. Even text contained in images can be easily extracted. The app also allows you to copy text from any app like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, News Republic... Also you can extract URLs, email info or phone numbers.

5 basic steps for you

In just five easy steps, you can easily extract text from any information page. First, take a screenshot of the information to be extracted; depending on the device, there will be different screenshot methods. Then open the photo you just took with the app. Drag to select the crop box to select the text you need to extract and select the language for the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Wait a few seconds for OCR to extract the text. Finally, copy the extracted text to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you want.


Copy Text On Screen can recognize up to 92 different languages ​​from text in images. The app can also be translated into over 100 other languages ​​worldwide. With the help of "Optical Character Recognition" (OCR) technology, the application can recognize text with up to 99% accuracy, except in the case of poor image quality. Once the documents are extracted, they are saved in the work history, which helps you find the converted documents when you need them. Copy text on screen

Upgrade to optimize the US experience

Copying text on the screen is completely free for everyone. However, to improve the quality of use, you can also upgrade to the pro version. It's not expensive to upgrade, but you'll get a better experience than the free version. You can extract text from multiple images in one selection; the storage history will also be increased, and the number of languages ​​will be more diverse.



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