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For those of you interested in doing some healthy exercise, it would be great if you could schedule and track your progress. Doing all the work on your own is pretty tough, you might need some help from useful fitness trackers that you can carry around with you throughout the day.

Convenient fitness trackers that can connect to your smartphone have become quite popular lately. Being able to effectively monitor your health status through multiple sensors and also effective at tracking your workouts, these gadgets are definitely a must have for those who are in need of such a service.

For Xiaomi users, you can properly connect and sync Mi Band with your mobile devices using Notify & Fitness for Mi Band app whenever you want. Check out all the important details neatly organized and categorized to enjoy a more satisfying experience with your healthcare devices.


The app allows users to easily connect to their Mi Band device with complete support for all models. You can use your Mi Band to effectively monitor and check the many apps currently in use on your mobile device.

First, you will have access to all the health reports recorded on the device and be able to modify each of your workout sessions. Feel free to check your current weight, health prediction, calories burned after each workout, running time, etc. The aggregated information will then help you to make certain decisions about the activities. health related problems.

On the other hand, with this application, users can also turn their Mi Band into a smart watch with many features to assist you in daily activities. Start by receiving notifications from your app as well as messages from multiple senders. Turn on your music player and check the completed tasks even while you are running…

With Notify & Fitness for Mi Band, users can own a mobile device capable of effectively optimizing their work performance.


To use the application, you are required to own a Mi Band device regardless of model or generation. Most Xiaomi fans can find it relatively comfortable as the app provides complete support for all their Mi Band devices. Feel free to connect and unlock the endless features the app has to offer.

Additionally, you also need to enable Bluetooth connectivity on your mobile device, which will allow the app to effectively pair with your genuine Mi Band devices. Use the app to enjoy the many in-app features with your Mi Band.

Here are all the great features on the app that you will find interesting:

Complete support for all Mi Band models

Users can enjoy complete support for all their Mi Band devices from the very first generation. Even your oldest Mi Band devices up to the latest models are greatly upgraded and improved with all the features available in this new app from OneZeroBit.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band supports all your devices including Mi Band 4, 3, 2, HRX, 1S, 1S, 1 etc. Here you can easily connect your devices and use all the features available on the MI Band efficiently.

Useful control options on Mi Band

Users in Notify & Fitness for Mi Band can start using their display on the Mi Band 2, 3, 4, along with physical controls on the rest, to receive notifications and text controls intuitive. See caller names, check your WhatsApp messages, view certain contacts without having to turn on your phone.

In addition, custom button actions on the app will allow you to perform certain controls on your mobile device when the screen is off. Use your Mi Band to play music on your mobile device, check alarms and more. Options are varied and intuitive for you to use whenever you want. You can now enable your own smartwatch features on Mi Bands.

Check and monitor your health with intuitive features

Mi Band is basically a wellness device, Notify & Fitness for Mi Band will provide many features to make full use of your devices.

Start by analyzing and reporting your entire workout session with this app. Check your steps, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled with accurate GPS or continuous hearing test and more.

Along with a one-time report after each of your workouts, Notify & Fitness for Mi Band also features full tracking of your progress over months and years...



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