Review Dynamons World v1.7.26 (Unlimited Coin & Gems)

Features Mod:

  • Unlimited Money.

Dynamons World MOD APK is a game similar to Pokemon, but faster, cleaner and does not require you to dig into each summoned beast.

Introducing Dynamons World

Hunt, tame, train summoned beasts and let them battle everywhere, are you ready to enter this open world?

Pokemon gave birth to a new game concept with typical gameplay and associated with a series of exotic species that force you to collect and continuously train into battle. Following this legendary success, many spin-offs were released. Interestingly, each of these derivatives establishes its own identity. Of course, there can't be nearly a thousand species of mascots as complete or comprehensive as Pokemon, but if you want to try this smaller and simpler style of game, you can play with them.

One of the typical representatives is Dynamons World.

Dynamons World is the Dynamons game series of publisher Kiki Games, following its predecessors Dynamons and Dynamons 2. Dynamons World will take you on an adventure to explore the exciting world of Dynamons. You can enjoy it alone or compete with many players from all over the world. As a mobile Pokemon clone, you'll still go through the classic sequence: hunt, tame, train and accompany your army of summoned beasts, fighting head-to-head for the trainer spot. This is the best ever.

game mode

The most outstanding feature of Dynamons World is the real-time PvP game mode. Here you will begin to hunt, capture and train Dynamon, seeking to maximize the abilities and power of each species, and assemble a powerful alien army. Take your army to challenge and conquer many other players' summoned beasts.

In addition to multiplayer, you can use Story Mode to adventure through all the lands in the open-world Dynamons World, from Dynamons Camp to Temple Ruin. Each place is full of surprises, fun activities and hundreds of discoveries. Warning this game mode is quite addictive.


Similar to Pokemon, most of the time in Dynamons World is spent exploring the open world, finding monsters and capturing them to train, train, and maximize the power of each species. And recruit them into the army of rookies and send them around to fight.

The entire battle will take place in a classic turn-based fighting game. When the battle begins, a health bar will appear on the head of each summoned beast. Every time you get hit, your HP bar will drop. After killing an enemy, HP will automatically return to its original full level. Remember to combine them nicely with skill cards to take advantage of the updated battle mechanics for tactical combat.

In a head-to-head match, to increase your chances of victory, you cannot simply assemble a powerful army for yourself. But deep down, you still have to pay close attention to every summoned beast's features, abilities, and weaknesses. From there, come up with a suitable battle and defense strategy. The most important thing is to understand the characteristics of damage, five-element-based countermeasures (like classic Pokemon), and how to arrange platoons to help each other and support each other. Let's support each other.

How to quickly attack and kill orc swap summons, but still not lose too much health to customize your party summons.

"Dynamons World" short-term tactical but thrilling will bring you the most brief, dramatic and shocking experiences every second.

After each win, you will unlock new skills for your summoned beast. At the same time, unlock some new rare animals. Since then, it has become increasingly complete and diverse, with an extensive wildlife collection ready to take on the most aggressive trainers.

Most of you still enjoy being challenged, fighting between summoned beasts from other players' teams. Personally, the writer likes to immerse himself in the forest, looking for interesting talent. For me, it was an unexpected and exciting process that required a lot of patience. It's also fun to walk around.

You can see and explore here and there. Then accidentally encounter a cute little animal and seduce, tame them leisurely. Then slowly learn about it, make friends with it, and discover the hidden strengths and talents of your new friends. Find ways to make the most of this ability. Think about how it will be included in the squad and how the team will change when there is this "new guy". All of these, from in-game ideas to actions and decisions, are strategic and show the player's experience and patience. It is a process of learning, playing and thinking. very good.



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