Review Stick War 3 v2022.1.3415 (Free Summon, Unlimited Mone)

Stick War 3 Mod:

  • Free Summon
  • Unlimited In-Game Money

The APK of the publisher Max Games Studios 'Stick War 3 MOD is considered an incredibly simple game, but if you keep a "joking" mentality, you will have a hard time surviving. What makes it so difficult for so many people?

Introducing Stick Wars 3

A compact fighting game that plays very well a lot!

There are quite a few mobile games out there that combine theatrical, combat, and construction genres well. If you want to find a hybrid game like this, but with beautiful graphics and witty gameplay, you should prefer Stick War 3.

By the way, talking about graphics. The first recognizable point of Stick War 3 is that the graphics, context and characters are extremely simple. Um, isn't that a bit of a personality? how to spell? The first time you meet Stick Fight 3, you will be overwhelmed by this series of questions. But in fact, the attraction of this seemingly joking game lies in another factor.

The battle is too "already"

While many mobile action games are struggling with action sequences or mind-bending puzzles, Stick War 3 goes the Array route. The advantage of this gameplay is that it does not require many contextual elements or complex 3D animations like action games, so it can be suitable for many models.

But it also has a sense of revival. box like any fighting game. Because you choose your own strategy, implement it yourself, and experience the success or failure of the results of that staging. Stick War 3 is one of the few games that dives deep and makes the most of this rare and unique array of elements. Players will be able to unleash their creativity, experimenting with various combat layouts before entering combat or even in battle. Depending on the number of stickman soldiers available, you will arrange the pincers of the enemy front and back, up and down, left and right, and at the same time defend to limit casualties. Or engage in nose-centered fighting styles to quickly destroy and win when the time comes. You'll be able to do whatever you want without any consequences or traumatic loss.

Build a solid base

Build a solid base

In addition to staging, then fighting, Stick War 3 also gives players a pretty good task: build a base based on the current state of the army. This is where you fall back when you are at a disadvantage in battle, and where you muster your troops, recruit and train recruits, or upgrade your army's weapons. The more bases you have, the better your chances of turning the tide of battle.

Keep your fighting style true

As a stickman general, you will maneuver. Your army according to arbitrary tactics, arrange formations, fight and build military bases. The biggest goal of the player is divided into two styles. The first is to work hard, and constantly strengthen the base, which will last a long time. This is the case where you prefer to play in a "peace-loving" school, preferring to be defensive rather than offensive. The second is to "smash the hard" to strike like a storm and push down the enemy's monument at the fastest speed, making them unable to react. This is a common style of play for players who like to attack.

Which style is up to each player. Because no matter what, you have to constantly fight, fight and lay out many different battles to take down the enemy as required by the game. When you pass a level, you will get 2 skill points, which can be used to upgrade soldiers' attributes and strengthen the army base.

The more sticks, the more money, the stronger the later

It's also interesting to talk about stickman soldiers in this Stick War 3 game. The game offers 6 different levels of soldiers. Miners, swordsmen, soldiers, magicians, giants, archers. Hearing your name, they are completely different. This is real. Each type of soldier will have different special skills (and, of course, their own shortcomings). Depending on your fighting style, you will choose how to arrange the squad to achieve the best possible goal. The melee player goes first, the ranged player follows, the ranged player defends well. Or people are scrambling a battle to end it quickly. The decision is entirely up to you. That's why I say that Stick War 3 is very free to play, very "already".

Every time you win, you will have more minions, improving the stats of the current minion. Make the squad more and more thick and invincible. Every time there is such a change in quantity and "quality", the squad must be arranged more carefully to maintain the balance of power. This challenge also makes every battle in the game completely new and everything repeats in a different way.

The upgraded soldiers themselves also change their appearance. You will gradually witness your army from raw and naked until later it is majestic. This feeling pretty good too.



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