Review Facebook v353.

Facebook Update:

  • Short Videos.
  • See what your friends are doing
  • Share updates, photos and videos
  • Receive notifications when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Play games and use favorite apps
  • Buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace

The minimal version is designed to use the social network that anyone knows Facebook, Facebook Lite. Users will easily use these features as the app has the same quality as the original. At the same time, a feature that the lite application line has been pursuing is ease of use, and because of its compactness, it is suitable for many different objects. So it's an app for multiple devices.

User-friendly interface, easy to use

When you've used the Facebook app before, you'll have access to Facebook Lite. The interface and functionality of the two apps are identical, and anyone will love it, and for this app, users can use it in certain situations where the device doesn't have enough room to use the original app. At the same time, during use, you will find the app useful and compact when used on your device.

Easily share what you want

When it comes to the Facebook Lite app, its job is simple, it helps you upload whatever you want to the app or update your friends' info. You can see what they're doing and where they're coming from, so you can share funny moments by commenting. At the same time, Facebook's content section has been optimized and divided into many different tabs that you can easily find.

The news feed is a collection of all types of feeds, from images to videos you can easily view, and with just a few swipes, you can fully immerse yourself in the interesting content on this social network. The content of images and videos are completely different, so it's completely natural for you to be amused. At the same time, when you are tired of watching your friends' related news, you can also switch to the video tab to watch wonderful videos.

The experience of this app is completely diverse, no less than the original app. So you can still enjoy pleasant leisure time. In fact, when using social networks, you are also interested in posting short-term posts - stories. This app also allows you to do exactly that and you can also view your friends' stories without any problems. So, these are the basic features that this app can bring you.

text anytime

When you see the list of labels, you'll see a Messenger icon. In other words, you can send messages on the app without using the Messenger app. But some users have some problems clicking on this tab because they often switch to the app with the same name. The solution to this problem is simple and anyone can quickly learn and solve it.

For Facebook Lite usage, users can send messages in the app's Messenger tab. From there, you'll still see your online messages and friends list. The problem to fix is ​​that you are often redirected to Messenger. You can refer to the latest fixes to go to the Settings section of this lite app. Then you will find an item is Messenger Lite App. You can only disable sending messages using Messenger Lite.

This factor is great for devices with little space and is a problem faced by many users. All features exist in a single app that anyone can experience. Therefore, during use, the app still ensures your experience with this social networking site. If you don't care much about the versatility of Messenger, you probably don't need to install another app.

space saving application

Saving space isn't too confusing for many users, but it's still helpful in many situations. Some users cannot load too many applications because their memory and RAM are limited. At the same time, this effect can sometimes be uncomfortable to use, as the application may crash. In fact, this app is a valuable solution that any user will love.

This factor is also reflected in the two performance support features of the operator and the operating system. The app still supports 2G legacy networks, but most users are on wifi and LTE networks. At the same time, the application can run on many different systems, from old to new. In other words, except for sporadic cases, any user can use this application with complete ease.


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