Review Square Home v2.2.14 (Premium)

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Square Home - Launcher: Windows Style will be an app that will make your phone truly perfect. This is an appropriate app if you feel like your phone isn't really doing what's shown on the screen. Using this app you will be able to significantly change the visibility on the home screen and your usage.

Bring the METRO style back to the phone interface

If you really find your Android phone interface boring, then this will be a great solution. Square Home will help you solve your interface problems quickly and easily. Also, with this app, you will feel the familiar subway style will be brought back to your phone.

family card

In addition to the familiar style it will bring back, the app will help revolutionize the way you use your phone. You will experience special operations that were only available on phones that previously used a windowed operating system. Use actions such as vertical scrolling in pages and horizontal scrolling from page to page will be used in a very convenient way.

Quick access to contacts

Also, if your current phone is to be able to access your contacts, you will have to do a lot of things. So when you use the app to change phones, you'll also get function key support to be able to easily access your contacts.

beautiful grid effect

One of the important things that previous phones did with the Windows operating system was undoubtedly the phone's main interface. For example, now, with this app, your phone will receive notifications through the charming square. Your phone will support the continuous block style interface. And these blocks will give you different functions and tasks that you can use.e

Customize the interface to suit you

The feature that this type of interface elicits the most mentions from users is definitely the ability to personalize. And Square Home brings that capability to the app's users as well. Users will have many built-in customization features to be able to fully meet their needs.



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