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Google Camera Go Mod APK:

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Recently, Modder Greatness successfully extracted the Google Camera Go app (2.8) version 2.12 from Nokia 1.3, which supports users to install it through APK package, and runs perfectly on most Android 8.0 and above devices running in the background.

This builds on the original Google Camera Go and focuses on improving stability and performance when taking pictures on older Android devices, with support for secondary cameras. According to user reviews, the shortened camera app works well, is compatible with multiple models, and adds some features from the standard GCam, such as night mode and HDR+, and is worth checking out.

Camera Go helps you record beautiful images quickly:

  • When focusing on your subject, use Portrait mode for a professional look with a slightly blurred background.
  • Capture memories at any time of the day without flash, and keep colors rich and details sharp with Night Mode.
  • With smart storage and early warning notifications, Camera Go helps you make room for photos when you need them most, so you never miss a moment.
  • With Google Lens built into Camera Go, you can see the world in your own language by pointing your camera at the text you want to translate.

Note: Night mode is currently only available on select compatible devices.



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