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Tumblr MOD APK is a popular social networking application today, often seen as a mini blog where you can share any content, post images, status, videos about your daily life. Of course, you can make friends with people from all over the world.

First, let me list all the main features on Tumblr

We can make friends and chat with our friends no matter where we are on the planet with just a mobile phone with an internet connection.

Easily create groups and chat with friends. Send pictures, recordings, videos, emojis to each other like any other social network.

Share with your friends all the files you want like pictures, videos, games, gif files...all delivered to recipients in original quality.

Three special features only available on Tumblr

One of the breakthrough features is the "Dashboard". It can be said that it is similar to Timeline or Newsfeeds of other social networks. But to be precise, a dashboard in Tumblr is a message board for updating information and content from other users you follow. It is located in the main interface and you can freely interact with the existing content on this dashboard, such as comment, retweet, send emoji, send private messages…. The collection, processing and selection of information to post on the Tumblr dashboard is done in a very artificially intelligent way, and users are sometimes surprised by the useful information they read from their friends' Tumblr pages.

Next is the label function. This is similar to hashtags on Facebook and Instagram. But Tumblr is more focused on categorizing categories of information and automatically grouping them together when users need to search.

Finally, there is the HTML feature, which is only available on blogging and website platforms. HTML helps users master all the controls of the blog, update necessary parameters, edit the interface, and generally personalize everything.

Tumblr isn't just a pure social network, it's the perfect mix of social networking and personal blogging. Since its debut in 2007 (by Davidville Frederator Studios), the app has had a rather dismal early stage. But so far, Tumblr has proven its appeal and has attracted a user base as large as any social networking platform.

What gave birth to the "magnet" called Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the hallmarks on young people's phones. Why does Tumblr have such a huge appeal when there are so many social networks around us spreading horror?

The first reason is because of its rich content. Since its inception, Tumblr started out as an information platform. Rather than finding users or attracting them with advertising tricks, developers spend all their time building a wealth of informative data about their products.

Naturally, many will know and seek out something that has natural qualities. Arguably, of all the social networks you know by now, Tumblr is the name that spends the least on advertising but still attracts a large number of users. You can find everything you want: minute-by-minute memes, highly artistic images, high-quality videos... in general, if Google has anything, so does Tumblr.

The next reason might be the ability to retrieve and find information very easily. If on Facebook, when you search for a keyword, a lot of things come up in the form of posts, pages, or events. Such clear layering is also a pain for the user. Searching for information is faster and easier in Tumblr. Just use hashtags/hashtags and you can instantly localize what you're looking for. result returned? This is beyond your imagination. Not only does Tumblr "scan" on its massive blogging system, but it also goes beyond this limit to give you excellent centralized results.

What does Tumblr's interface look like?

The interface is beautiful and easy to use. Because the platform is a Weibo combined with social networks, Tumblr's interface is artistic and personal. Everyone has their own "home". So they interact, communicate, and enrich Tumblr.



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