Review InShot PRO v1.902.1394 (All Pack)

InShot Mod APK:

  • Pro Version Unlocked
  • Full Pack, Filter, Frame Unlocked
  • Ads Removed
  • Watermark Removed.

InShot PRO MOD APK (Unlocked) is an amazing and easy to use video editing app for everyone. With it, you can easily edit, cut, create effects and add music to your videos.

In the age of booming social networks like Facebook, Instagram...we always want to post impressive videos on our personal pages. For professional editors, they have powerful cameras and software to edit their videos. With me, just using a smartphone with a few apps, I can produce impressive videos that aren't inferior to professional editing.

InShot is a video editing application released by InShot Company. They specialize in developing video editing software and apps, video downloader apps for mobile devices and tablets. The app is completely free, and it provides you with powerful tools and filters for creating, editing and customizing videos in your phone. Turn your everyday simple videos into artistic videos with interesting content and easy appeal to your audience.

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, InShot has become one of the most popular video editing apps on Google Play since its launch. It can be easily used by everyone, even if you don't have much video editing experience and knowledge of colors and effects. Just download the app and in just a few basic steps you can have impressive videos to share with friends and family.

Easy-to-use interface

It's really easy to use. After opening the app from the home screen, select My Videos so the app can access your videos in the gallery. Or you can choose to shoot a whole new video to start editing. InShot gives you an impressive array of filters to choose from, such as snow, night, cinema, cinema, comics... Also, you can insert text into your video to create a video with the subtitles below.

Powerful Video Editing Features

The app helps you cut and adjust the speed of your video easily. You can use this feature for cooking instruction videos and pet videos. Also, the app allows you to split a large video into several smaller ones. Cut, add and export videos in full HD resolution.

Mix music into your video

With InShot, your videos will be more vivid and creative. After choosing colors and effects, the app lets you stitch your favorite music from your phone into a video. You can then customize the speed and volume of the music track and the audio of the original video.

Export and share high-quality video

If you frequently use social networks like Facebook Instagram, Tik Tok, etc., you can use InShot to see videos of many celebrities.

This application allows you to export high quality videos and supports the ability to share to many different popular social networks.

Some standout features:

  • Create videos from photos and music.
  • Cut, split, compress and convert videos easily.
  • Divide the video into several parts.
  • Video output resolution (including Full HD and 4K).
  • Rotate the video 90 degrees.
  • Many unique filters.
  • Insert text, animations, memes into your videos.
  • Increase video speed or create slow motion.
  • Add effects, colors.
  • Adjust light, contrast.
  • Compress video, reducing size without losing quality..


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