Review Modern Combat 5 v1.6.0 (Enemies don't attack)

Modern Combat 5 Mod:

  • Enemies don't attack.

Modern Combat 5 is an action shooter game with beautiful graphics as well as good content from the famous publisher Gameloft. In this version Gamehayvl will introduce to you the free MOD APK version.

The Modern Combat series is probably no longer a strange name for many players around the world. This is a famous game genre under the FPS genre available on mobile platforms for players to experience. Although it is only a mobile platform, what the game offers players can be compared to PC or console games. Especially the Modern Combat 5 part of this series, this game has received a lot of love from many players around the globe. If players want a great shooting experience then this is the most suitable game.

The plot of the game

In this game, the player will continue to follow in the footsteps of the Caydanfighters Phoenix, one of the most talented of the private company Gilman. When the world is threatened and every significant power in the world is controlled by the terrorist organization World Liberation Army. This is the organization that is threatening this safe organization, and no place in the world is safe anymore. Phoenix and his comrades set out to save the world from the threat of this organization. But something happened, giving him a different perspective on current definitions of good and evil. He discovered a great secret that only he could carry out. Do you have questions about what's going on? If so, come to this game to discover all that players are wondering.

Modern Combat 5 is the ultimate FPS shooting game

In Modern Combat 5, players will only have a single task to destroy all enemies on the map to win. But it's also not easy, and players will need to combine many different elements to be able to do it. But the most important thing that the player needs is the ability to control the character and the player's shooting skills. Once the player has these two factors, the player can easily win without any difficulty.



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