Review Smashing The Battle v1.09 (Unlimited money)

Smashing The Battle Mod:

  • Mod Unlimited money.

Smashing The Battle is a Korean ARPG action game that once stormed on PC, now released by publisher Magic Cube on both popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Smashing The Battle game

Smash the Battle is set in a world in the distant future where robots do almost everything for humans. But what is too developed is not good when artificial intelligence has helped the robots to become evil and become cruel to betray humans, some even have terrible conspiracies that turn people into slaves. At this time, the main character's best friend is also held hostage by the evil robots. And from here, the player's journey is to rescue his friend from prison and death.

Smashing The Battle Free

Smash the Battle puts players into survivors of robot carnage with humans. Use different weapons and fight the bloodthirsty fighting robots that want to destroy you. The game possesses an attractive hack-and-slash action gameplay, players can freely control the character to perform crazy combos to defeat the enemy. A good android game is sold for 5 USD on CH Play, but you can download the game Smashing The Battle for free.

Outstanding Features in Smashing The Battle MOD APK

  • Good hack and slash action gameplay on Android phones
  • Sharp 3D graphics and anime-style design full of personality
  • Characters can transform their appearance through extremely beautiful costumes
  • Eye-catching skill combos for players
  • Many attractive features in the game for players to explore
  • Especially in this version, the game Smashing the Battle has been mod money.



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