Review Monster Fishing v0.4.17 (Unlimited money)

Monster Fishing Mod:

  • Unlimited money.
  • Buy coins in exchange for diamonds.

Monster Fishing 2021 is an attractive realistic fishing simulator game on Android phones, you will experience as if you are going fishing. The game is developed by Nexelon and has mod money for free.

Good Fishing Simulation Game

Like all real-life fishing trips, at Monster Fishing 2021, players will board a fishing boat equipped with fishing lures and a fishing rod. There are many places to choose from around the world. Each fish raised, based on the weight and rare fish species, the player will receive the corresponding bonus amount. Mainly, with each bet, players can view information about the origin and behavior of the fish or take pictures to show off their achievements to their friends. Playing Monster Fishing, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fun fishing trip and learn more interesting things about fish and the world around.

Explore the ocean and various fishes

The ocean world is rich with over 250 different fish species and over 30 new fishing spots! The strength of Monster Fishing 2021 is the variety of fish species and fishing locations. At each location in the world, there will be fish species specific to each area. Players can go to Gansbaai Shark Corridor in South Africa to conquer sharp sharks, to secret fishing grounds in the Pacific Ocean to encounter beautiful fish paradise. You can even participate in huge whale hunts to earn huge bonuses!

Moreover, players have the opportunity to explore the rich, diverse and realistic ocean world in different seas around the world. Are you ready to go fishing and explore the world with Monster Fishing? For the convenience of players, in addition to simple control: with just a simple hold and release, the publisher also added an automatic fishing function Monster Fishing.

Outstanding features of the game Monster Fishing MOD APK

  • No Internet connection required.
  • Regularly upgrade your kits.
  • Do not download additional data.
  • Support automatic fishing.
  • Enjoy the game completely for free.
  • Get free fishing gear including rod, reel, line and bait.
  • Fishing even big fish like whales without buying additional items.
  • Realistic interface and simple controls.
  • Fish in many parts of the globe with 30 beautiful fishing spots.



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