Review Flux: Substratum Theme v6.4.1 (Patched)

After an Android phone has been used for a period of time, it may need to be refurbished and the interface changed to avoid tedious use. Most Android devices will have a default interface in settings, but if you have a high aesthetic and want your phone to stand out, try a brand new skin only available in Flux - Substratum theme. With a variety of colors, you will find unique ideas in different styles that are guaranteed not to disappoint.

multiple colour

Not picky, there are many themes of previous applications that users are familiar with. In this version, the manufacturer only released one theme. It may seem boring at first glance, because the topics are no longer as rich as before, and everyone can choose freely. Nevertheless, in the first version, the manufacturer will balance these two factors without monotony, but also to increase the fun of the application.

Most Android phone wallpapers will have primary colors ranging from simple greens and blues to more complex colors like splashes, deserts, or meandering ribbons. The manufacturer has improved and upgraded this return, adopting luxurious yet simple color schemes such as dark blue, black, and dark gray.

Customization and Creativity

Unlike other free apps, in this version you need to spend a small amount of money to own it, but it certainly won't let you down with the special features it offers. Create the ultimate shape as you like, customize as you like, and imagine as you like. Flux White, Flux – Substratum Theme usage is the same if you have used a similar version before.

Building artistic themes is also a way to increase user excitement; people who like color to bring vitality will always renovate their "phones". They will need new things to unleash their creativity. Instead of letting users change themes, the makers agreed to only allow one theme to have multiple different primary colors; it's a small change, but one that's also very useful for those who use it.

flexible keyboard

It can be seen that most of the fixed themes allow changing the theme of the mobile phone, but about the keyboard, it almost needs to be downloaded, so changing the keyboard will be very time-consuming and inconvenient. With this app, you won't have to do that, and you won't have to worry about downloading too much space on your phone and wasting your time at the same time.

Creating eye-catching keyboards is also a factor to make you more excited while using your phone; just download this version and it will create unity for your phone.

unique features

The manufacturer is constantly updating and adding many new features to improve Flux – Substratum Theme just got better. Based on suggestions and comments provided by users, they release versions that improve the android framework, fix bugs in dialer, messages, contacts, and google systems, etc.

Most of the feedback received by Flux – Substratum Theme is that the interface is very easy to use and easy to use. There are still some small parts that are a bit confusing, but you can still master it if you study carefully. If you are a lover of fun experiences and decorations for your phone, this application will make you happy.

main features

  • Change the interface according to personal style, many unique ideas
  • Only one theme, multiple colors, from classic to vivid
  • Change the keyboard to your liking
  • Unique post-update features
  • Build your own themes for added interest

Features Mod:

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  • Full Version.
  • Full Paid.
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