Review Picture Manager v4.80.5 (Premium Unlocked)

This is a tool for copying various formats of picture managers according to the capacity of the user's mobile phone. If you have too many pictures in your mobile phone, and the location is messy, you can't find them, this auxiliary software can help you catch them all. You don't have to remember where you've been or when you took these photos, because the picture manager will do that for you, put them in relevant folders and name them after the location you took them, it's very convenient and saves you time.

Clean memory and optimize large files

To be able to save space and delete unnecessary files, the app offers the same image search and delete functionality to free up more space for your collection. Also, if you want to avoid memory overload by customizing the proper size and quality, you can also optimize the size of large files so that your images will not be corrupted after formatting. Your photos will reside on external storage or cloud wallpapers. Also, you can try EXIF editing to be able to set date and time increments on many different images.

Provide additional data payload from GPX

In order to give users the best experience, manufacturers continue to update and add necessary functions to make the application more and more perfect. One of the most popular features is that you can use another application to record coordinates and convert them to a gpx file. If your phone does not have enough space and gps, the app will compare the time memory from the image in the gpx file to the GPS. In addition, the thumbnails on the LCD screen will be backed up in EXIF format, which is convenient for previewing presentations.

main features

  • Freely convert and position images according to your needs and rename them in many different formats using the image manager
  • Enjoy taking photos without worrying about them being interrupted as the app will help you remember where you've been and date with each photo
  • Clean up your collection to avoid space bottlenecks by identifying duplicate photos and deleting them to help you recover memory and increase space usage
  • If your phone doesn't have enough GPS module, please experience more new features like add data from gpx, this app will help you transfer data from gpx to GPS
  • Discover and unlock many new unique features when upgrading to a new version; this is the perfect app for you to experience and use

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