Review One Piece Treasure Cruise v12.3.0 (Immortal, Dame)

Mod Features:

  • Menu mode
  • God mode
  • high damage


One Piece Treasure Cruise is a very popular manga RPG with easy and fun combos taste. The first episode of Shonen Jump's flagship, Eiichiro Oda's "ONE PIECE" original story mode where you can relive your encounter with red-haired Shanks is fascinating. Events and voices are inserted at the turning point of the story, delivering a moving production. In addition, you can easily enjoy decisive battles and special moves by connecting combos with simple taps.

Tutorials and the like. well done and by pressing while reading the data you can distribute the paid items, making it friendly to the younger generation. It is also possible to gather friends at a bar and create a pirate crew with faces that are not in the original. Hmm, Jokan seems to be popular!


The battle system is a fun one that lets you Perform combos and special moves with simple taps, similar to Brave Frontier. A trailer is included in the special move and fans of the original work will be able to enjoy it. And on top of that, the production of recreating the original One Piece, which has become a staple of Shonen Jump, is great.

Shanks' tutorial was pretty lighthearted and brought me to tears, and when teenage Luffy evolves into Straw Hat Luffy 10 years later, game-appropriate expressions abound. However, I am not very familiar with One Piece. I stopped reading in real time from the sand → sky, and I was often criticized by my husband for not being able to keep up with the conversations of my peers.

Maybe I should read it again. while playing this game…When I was in high school, I was obsessed with subculture, and maybe I can't admit the joy of famous works…


Create a team with over 2,000 of your favorite characters from the ONE PIECE anime series. Go head-to-head with ONE PIECE characters, win fictional battles against them, and claim their “Wanted” poster. Blackbeard Pirates, Marines and Seven Lords of the Sea, among others - Build your team and assemble a pirate gang by recruiting new members.

turn-based role-playing game

RPG battles based on a turn-based system with an easy-to-use touch interface. RPG matches use well-timed attacks to unleash devastating chain attacks on their opponents. Anime turn-based strategy combat where you launch special Tandem attacks to deal more damage.


As a combat trick, you can connect “combos” by tapping on the next character when the familiar onomatopoeia in ONE PIECE gathers in the center. In other words, depending on the timing, you can take a critical hit yourself. If everything is perfect, you can deal more than double the damage. Master is required.

Also, when using "meat" recovery item, it must be "excellent" or "good" instead of perfect. Also, by attacking a certain number of times, you can unleash a special move. The cut-in is now the same as the original, and I just want to see it. As is known in social RPGs, it is important to understand the trinity of strength, skill, and speed in a fierce battle with formidable enemies.



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