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Summoner's Greed is a tower defense game where the player and a red-robed mage defend a chest from knights who want to take it back. You will spend time defending chests from these characters and summoning new allies with impressive powers. Of course, this game has different calling methods and consumes a certain amount of resources. So you will calculate and spend the resources you get reasonably.


The interesting thing that players will enjoy in the new updated version of Summoner's Greed are the three characters that have just been added to the game. Specifically, these 3 characters are Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, these are 3 powerful gods in Greek mythology. So you will be able to summon them to completely diversify your strategy. These gods represent a specific element, so you should be able to find a combination when choosing your formation for the Lightning, Fire, and Ice elements.


Players will participate in the tower-Defense level, where the player will attempt to defend a Summoner's Greed chest. This chest was stolen from the knight, so they are trying to get it back by moving the mass force and taking this chest from the red mage. Also, to prevent them from easily reaching the chest, the red mage cast some more rocks to fill some holes and create a path.

There will be different squares. in the game's environment and this is also where the player places a character they can summon. You will need to consider the position you feel is reasonable, and the first level will be played when you only have one character to use. After you finish placing your characters in Edit mode, your enemies will move. There will be many different types of enemies that you will need to take care of.

Like other tower defense games, the player will eventually face a variety of enemies that are crowded and constantly moving. . When they put their hand on their chest at the end of the lane, the player loses instantly. Things are even more difficult when new enemies with impressive strength will gradually appear before your eyes. Specifically, an ax-wielding character can destroy a red mage's rock and shorten his travel distance, or a knight whose size is larger than normal humans.



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