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Strava Mod APK:

  • Maps: sections, routes, saved.
  • Recording: saved routes and beacon.
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Strava MOD APK is an app to track your workout performance in the most detailed and flexible way possible. Just download it to your phone and activate it.

How to stay healthy during this sensitive period?

Exercise comes in many different forms. But in this sensitive time of the coronavirus pandemic, highly autonomous activities like jogging, walking, and biking have become very appropriate. These subjects all share the same characteristics: they can be practiced at any time, suitable for all ages, genders, no complicated equipment, no specific exercise assistants, and more importantly, no human-to-human communication.

But one of the biggest difficulties with these types of self-exercises is effective self-control and self-motivation. If someone urges or trains you to exercise, it won't be too difficult. But here, you have to do it yourself. Well, at this point, I don't think there is a better and more convenient way than using an app that specializes in this area.

Strava is an app that helps you keep tabs on your favorite fitness activities, create scientific routes, and list challenging training levels. Through it, practitioners learn the effectiveness of each exercise day after day, week after week, month after month, and gain more motivation to overcome their ego. All of this can be done through the phone screen through this app.

Strava's excitation is different from other measurement applications

I used to go jogging every morning and honestly it was really hard to get self motivated. Even installing the app and comparing your mileage to other online users doesn't make it any better. But now, Strava has found a great way to motivate yourself. It's a process that starts with self-awareness >> Get excited when aware of change >> Record the walk/run route of the practitioner and use efficiency metrics like % increase compared to before and calories burned >> Develop a planned user roadmap >> Finally create challenges between users in the same system.

As you can see, Strava isn't in the same rush as you can with other software (straight from measuring miles run to comparing with other practitioners), Strava has taken the necessary steps for you to "get ahead of yourself" before come to the competition. Intermediate features make the training process more exciting, making practitioners excited about their own results first, and then if they might compete with others.

Effects of each function in Strava

The first is the ability to track and analyze the effects of your exercise session: for running, walking, and cycling, Strava tracks distance through GPS location, which directly compares to your previous practice, and then gives appropriate praise or reminders. The metrics used for comparison are pace, speed, total distance, altitude, and performance over time.

Follow the route mapping function, which records all the journeys you have taken and recommends some new routes for you based on the practitioner's physical development. Strava also has a unique ability: suggested and planned routes can be used for just one sport or a combination of two or three different sports.

For example, you often record yourself going for a swim at 2-3 pm on weekends, while on other days you just go for a morning run before work. Then, after a week of tracking fitness performance with Strava, the app will directly suggest a new route that fits your work and exercise schedule. For example, 4 mornings a week jogging, and the remaining 3 mornings are jogging from home to swimming in the pool for 30 minutes, and then jogging home. On weekends, you go jogging in the morning, swimming in the keep recording your performance, and Strava again provides the appropriate route and schedule from it.

The last big feature is to push yourself again by comparing your performance with other users. Strava can localize and list running statistics for public users in the same region. It's like seeing the rush car closest to your location. You can choose whether to participate in such a competitive display. Trust me, when you see where you are in the rankings, it's very effective for self-motivation.

What types of exercise does Strava use to measure performance?

This is a long list. Don't think that Strava is just a simple activity, it can even expand into many forms, even the most unexpected ones. At the popular level, there are activities that everyone likes to do, such as swimming, hiking, marathon running, indoor running, cycling, mountaineering, yoga... At a more complex level, Strava still plays alpine skiing, Crossfit, kayaking The full effect of surfing.



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